Wednesday, August 16, 2017

John Kelly's Mission Impossible: You Can't Fix Stupid

By Manifesto Joe

In a previous blog post, I made the mistake of overestimating Resident Donald Rump. I wrote that he isn't stupid in the classic sense.

I absolutely take it back. He is not only batshit crazy like Nixon, he lacks Nixon's intelligence. He's quite possibly dumber than Il Doofus (Bush 43), and that's saying plenty. We've had crazy presidents before, and we've had profoundly stupid ones. But I can't recall when we had one, before this year, who was BOTH.

Former General John Kelly, who was recently named to be Rump's chief of staff, told the story with his face as Rump once again made an ass of himself during a Tuesday press conference. John, you've got to face it -- you can't fix stupid, any more than one can fix crazy. Not only are there not enough psychotropic drugs in the world to fix Rump's psychosis, he has a brain smaller than my dog's. The more I see of him on TV, the more respect I have for my dog's intellect. When is the last shoe finally going to drop? What is it going to take?

There will be no fix other than impeachment. Some prominent Republicans probably already know this privately, but they've been slow to step up, condemn this fool and remove him from office. That's what will have to be done, and Robert Mueller and company are working on it. It's time for everyone, including the so-called Grand Old Party, to face it -- this resident is an embarrassment and a joke. I'm no fan of any of the Republican presidential contenders, but they certainly could have done better than this. Even a widely loathed jerk like Ted Cruz would be an improvement. Vice President Mike Pence looks like an empty suit, but that would be better than the sad sack of manure in the Oval Office now.

I sincerely hope Rump's not in the that "dump" the White House at this time next year.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.

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