Monday, October 22, 2012

RIP, George McGovern: 1922-2012

He had a reputation for being a daredevil bomber pilot during World War II, which seems strange for the quintessential "peace" candidate.

I suppose that shouldn't be surprising. Almost everybody was for the defeat of Hitler, the Nazis, etc., during the "good" war.

I still wonder whether I would have voted for him for president in 1972, had I been eligible then and even had the views I have now. Nixon was too crazy to support, so I may have just stayed home or thrown my vote away on a fringe-party candidate.

I might have voted for George, considering that it was apparent early that he had no real chance of winning. A lot of what he said rang true, but the remark about crawling to Hanoi on his hands and knees to "beg for peace" was a bit much. Presidents just aren't supposed to say things like that, even if they privately think them.

Well, he had the courage of his convictions, and plenty of physical courage as well. Godspeed, George. -- MJ


HSIC said...

The "Real" Mitt Scumney is in the building

Old Scout said...

McGovern began my transition from Republican to Democrat. Ken Duberstien finished it.

McGovern was an honest man. He had golfers' ethics. He was a real man.

I ... have missed him since he left office.

Senator ... never fail to complete your pre-flight inspection; one never knows when one will need the last ounce from the airframe, control surfaces, engines or avionics. Thanks for setting the example of always being prepared.