Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick 'Texas Toast' Perry Has Become An Embarrassment To The State

By Manifesto Joe

And that's REALLY saying something, because we've been major-league embarrassed by an assortment of politicians in recent years.

After Il Doofus' incredible 8-year reign, I had become convinced that there is no person so stupid as to not qualify to be the Republican presidential nominee, so I was worried that Governor Goodhair had a real chance. Now it looks like he actually doesn't -- he somehow managed to find where the bottom was.

I'll repeat that I had the sad displeasure of interviewing him at the very dawn of his political career, when he was running for state representative in 1984. I got the very, very distinct impression of a serious bubblehead back then.

I'm very embarrassed that Texans have elected a man this vapid as governor, time after time. You may guess that he would never have even gotten my vote for dogcatcher. I regard my pit bull terrier as marginally smarter, and at least he had the good sense not to run for president.

Perry, somehow, has never lost an election. In the minor leagues, he's been a solid .300 hitter. Fortunately for the country, when he decided to step up and face major league pitching, he has struck out over and over.

Goodhair, just come home and be a bad governor for a few more years. Then just retire to West Texas, and let a Democrat, or at the very least a more competent Republican, be elected guv. You've done enough damage to the image of Texas for one lifetime.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.

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Jack Jodell said...

I would say Texas Toast Perry has been an embarrassment to his state for nearly his entire political life. WHAT AN IDIOT!