Friday, November 11, 2011

Joe Paterno, Jailbird? Even If He's Given Some Benefit Of The Doubt, It Looks Bad

By Manifesto Joe

I admit that I'm not much of a football fan. I actually like traditional boxing better, and preferred it. I'd much rather fight one opponent, of similar weight, at a time. But even among those who are football fans, this looks awful.

Joe Paterno, now pushing 85, is the winningest college FBS Division I football coach. He's been at Penn State for something like 45 or 46 years as the head coach. But from the evidence, he is accused of spending over 13 years covering up for a degenerate assistant who was alleged to have been buggering young boys. To be specific, a graduate assistant coach reported to Paterno that he saw this apparent scumbag in the locker-room shower molesting a boy whom he believed to be 10 years old.

What's perhaps even worse is the reaction to this among students at Penn State. They rioted in Paterno's favor, and even turned over a TV van.

It's pretty disgusting that, in a time when many Americans are suffering horrible deprivations, a bunch of pampered little jackasses are RIOTING in Paterno's favor over something this stupid and negligent. Is football more important than the safety of our children?

In our system, people are innocent until proved guilty, and rightly so. But the evidence in this case is severe, and it looks very much as though some of the woof-woof, jock-sniffing people at Penn State were putting football far above common decency. And that apparently includes a great many of the pampered, drunken students.

Let's get the grand jury going on this, right now.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Infidel753 said...

This was one of the most astonishing stories I've seen in a long time. What kind of people actually riot in support of a child-molestation cover-up??? I'm surprised the Vatican hasn't already announced plans to relocate there.

Manifesto Joe said...

I think it was Christopher Hitchens who was credited with saying that the Roman Catholic Church's motto should be "No child's behind left."

Sounds like that one might be good for the Penn State athletic department instead.

Jack Jodell said...

What happened to Paterno should sound a warning call to others who complacently hide behind the walls of their own institutions and refuse to even consider doing what is right and proper!

Anonymous said...

Interesting: nowhere does it mention that Paterno is a long-time staunch Republican.
If he'd been a Democrat, I'm sure this fact would have been shouted from the rooftops over and over by Fox News, Drudge, Newsmax, talk radio, the right-wing blogosphere, and the rest of the GOP noise machine---all of which would have eventually pushed this story angle into regular mentions in MSM coverage.

Old Scout said...

Hidden within the hyperbole of the media is the FACT that Paterno kicked the issue upstairs and is being fired for not following up on his referral of the matter. There is accusation of misprision only by media ... the same media types who believe shutting down the entire athletic program is the only recourse.
The President of the Univ to whom Paterno kicked this upstairs is the slobbovian who dropped the ball on the issue. He may even be involved instead of an enabler.
Paterno should have been fired, but for not following up, as he was guilty.
I'm surprised this hasn't happened at TT, UT or T-A&M.