Monday, November 23, 2009

Lieberman Just Wants To Keep His Chairmanship

Unless the ghost of Hanuka Past comes for a midnight visit, count on Liar Joe to be the key vote that kills the public option.

By Manifesto Joe

The one and only thing that makes the Bush presidency look good in hindsight is the thought that this man could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency. Liar Joe Lieberman voted with the Democratic majority Saturday night to bring the health care bill to debate on the Senate floor.

Barring divine intervention, consider that to be Liar Joe's ass-covering vote, the one that will save his chairmanship as a member of the Senate's majority Democratic caucus.

Don't count on any more of them. I think this man made his Faustian bargains long ago, and the time has come for Lucifer to collect the bill. Liar Joe will vote with the Republicans every time after this, I predict -- once again, unless the gods intervene. I've been wrong before, as the old Randy Newman song (a 1965 hit for Cilla Black) went. And I sincerely hope I'm wrong this time.

Liar Joe is chairman of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, because the Democratic Senate majority accepts him as a caucus vote and permits it. I think they made a huge mistake back when. It was bad enough in 2006, when he got past the challenge of Ned Lamont. The Democratic Party should have kicked his scrawny ass to the curb when he campaigned for John McCain.

But, here he is, and here this is. Look for the upcoming vote to be, quite possibly, 59-41 "against" cloture of the health care filibuster -- with Liar Joe the deciding vote.

I honestly hope he will surprise me. Baby, I've been wrong before.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.

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Jack Jodell said...

LIEberman is definitely a wholly self-serving and thoroughly disgusting little milquetoast. I don't think you'll be wrong on him, Manifesto Joe. If it looks like a skunk and stinks like a skunk, it IS a skunk. LIEberman's support of the illegal Bush/Cheney Iraq war was clue one. Clue two was his endorsement of McCain and the way he actively campaigned for him and even alibied for him last year. Clue 3 was his statement that he would vote against any health reform bill with a public option, even though 2/3 of his state's voters favor such an option. LIEberman is definitely a skunk, and an especially stinky one, too!