Friday, October 17, 2008

'Joe The Plumber' Isn't Even A Plumber, He Owes Back Taxes, And He's Related To Charles Keating

By Manifesto Joe

John McCain, he of the many smirks on C-Span split-screen TV, invoked "Joe the plumber" many times during Wednesday night's debate, doing the best he could to source some kind of game-changer.

Turns out that Joe isn't exactly the sort of guy Big Mac was betting on. He's not a licensed plumber. His hope of buying the business he works for is, by his own admission, a long shot. He owes just under $1,200 in back taxes. And even if he were to miraculously reach the income bracket that he was referring to in his silly exchange with Barack Obama, analysts say it's doubtful that he would owe much at all in extra taxes. In the Obama plan, he certainly won't owe any more in his current bracket, and would likely get a cut.

Let's have a closer look at "Joe," courtesy of Yahoo! News:

Here's the link.

There's more about "Joe" apparently. He appears to be related to one Charles Keating by marriage. You know, of the Keating Five, back in the 1980s dregs of John McCain's legislative past. Here's a link to this tidbit. And then, there's some kind of Alaska sled dog connection rumored ...

McCain is obviously doing anything he can to pull this one out of his anus, and failing horribly by not doing any homework. I'll stop short of the allegation that this man was a crude Republican "plant." I don't want to smell that one, either. And, by the way -- if the Palin selection, and then "Joe the Plumber" as a final debate centerpiece indicate what kind of judgment McCain would exercise as president ...

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Marc McDonald said...

So let me see if I've got this right: John McCain, who married into a $100 million fortune, and who can't keep track of how many houses he owns, is suddenly a "man of the people." He's a regular guy, who understands us working stiffs. Just like Dubya---the sort of fellow we'd like to have a beer with.
And yet Obama, who came from a modest background and who never had anything handed to him, is one of them Liberal Elites who spends all of his time sipping tea and hanging out at the country club.
Imagining what it's like inside the mind of a Republican is a surreal and frightening experience.