Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Evidence That Sarah Palin Was Herself An AIP Member?

It's old news that Todd Palin is a former member of the radical right, secessionist Alaska Independence Party. Now some evidence has surfaced that Klondike Hottie herself may have been a member. This video, posted on YouTube today by mtaa11, certainly seems to indicate a cozy relationship between the governor and this subversive group:

One thing the woman certainly has is chutzpah. If she didn't, she wouldn't be on the campaign trail bashing Barack Obama over alleged buddying-up with long-ago Weatherman Billy Ayres.

John McCain's VP choice is clearly a disaster of many dimensions, and this is one more. I won't suggest that she should sign a "loyalty oath," but it would be appropriate for her to either repudiate what the AIP stands for, or resign her vice presidential candidacy. I guess there's no reason she couldn't carry on as governor of Alaska. Some of the kooks up there seem ready to re-elect the likes of Ted Stevens to the U.S. Senate. Palin continuing as governor wouldn't seem too shocking. -- MJ


Marc McDonald said...

It makes me ill that this story hasn't been thoroughly investigated by the MSM---the same MSM that has devoted endless coverage to "stories" like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.
A big part of the problem is that, too often these days, HateWing radio sets the political media agenda.
Day after day, the likes of Limbaugh use their powerful megaphones to relentlessly hammer away on "stories" like Wright--and more often than not, they succeed in catapulting such stories into the MSM.

Reas Kroicowl said...

Fresh Air on NPR had an interesting show about Palin tonight. It seemed a fair portrayal.