Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trump Just Saying What A Lot Of Republicans Really Think

by Manifesto Joe

I don't find it surprising at all that billionaire Donald Trump has pulled out in front of the Republican Klown Kar, with 24% in one recent poll. He's just saying what a lot of Republicans privately think, but seldom say out loud for fear of sounding like ignorant bigots and xenophobes (which, of course, many are).

Trump, whose singular business acumen includes four company bankruptcies, claims that as president he would know how to make America great again. Looking at him I think the trick is to be born rich.

With the recent trip to Laredo, Texas, and the "Hispanics love me" rhetoric, he seems to have taken a page from the playbook of onetime pro wrestler Kinji Shibuya, who made a handsome living playing burly Japanese bad-guy bullies in our homegrown American Theater for the Unwashed. He used "illegal" karate chops in the ring, and such.

"The Mexican people, they love me!" Kinji would exclaim when he would take his rasslin' show to San Antonio back in the 1960s. Hispanics in the auditorium, meanwhile, would be booing loudly and splattering Kinji with beer as he held forth for the cameras. "I eat beans and tortillas every day!" he would bellow.

I suspect that the Donald has been to a Taco Bell drive-thru in his limo, so perhaps that qualifies him as having a unique understanding of Hispanics in America.

Meanwhile, GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz seems to be trying to out-Donald the Donald himself. Calling Mitch McConnell a liar certainly isn't going to get him anywhere in the Senate hierarchy, so the junior Texas U.S. senator appears to be trying to steal the headlines away from Trump.

The Republican Klown Kar seems to grow more crowded each day, but Trump now appears to be the leader in the polls. With all the money and power to be found on that side of the aisle, I suspect that such folks have the means to derail the Donald before he even gets close to the GOP nomination, and I suspect that the Republican establishment will knock off Cruz as well.

But for several more months, it should make for a wonderful show.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Anomalous Propagation said...

Let's find out where the other members of the klown khar are known to use the drive-up window.

A Democratic Congress is required to be able to put to rest the bombastic tirades without fact, merit or justice that continue the partisan bickering that guarantees a do-nothing non-government. The best hope we have is 'the Donald' at the top of the tickey-tacky.

Jack Jodell said...

Malfesto Joe,
Pinch me - this is some nightmare I'm having. Blowhard phony Donald Trump is actually leading this bunch of GOP zombies? Never has one party fallen so low. P. T. Barbum would love this loudmouth charlatan!

Anomalous Propagation said...

Jack - So will the backbone of the repub faithful, et voila soon there will be Democrats galore.


PS: Only tell Dems about this and ask them to keep it in the political family.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a clown. But really, he's not any worse than the rest of these dipshits. In fact, I think I'd actually prefer him over Ted Cruz, if I was forced to make a choice. While Trump is a clown, Cruz is downright scary.

And let's not kid ourselves about the likely nominee, Jeb Bush. He comes off as the "reasonable" non-extremist Republican. But in reality, he's every bit as extremist as anyone else in the field. Part of that is due to the enormous pressure from the Tea Party grassroots. These days, if you don't appeal to these people, then they'll get the likes of Drudge, Fox and right-wing talk radio to crucify you.

The U.S. public (and media) tends to have historical amnesia. How many people recall that back in the 2000 campaign, GWB was portrayed as this somewhat moderate candidate. Many people bought into his "compassionate Conservatism" B.S.

In reality, the guy was quite far right. He would have privatized Social Security if he could have. There was absolutely nothing "moderate" about him. He lost the popular vote by 539,000 votes and yet he swaggered into the White House as though he'd won a big mandate.

GWB immediately slashed taxes on the rich, yanked the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol, and rammed through whatever hard-core slash-and-burn Conservative agenda he could get away with. There was nothing "moderate" about him. And there will be nothing moderate about Jeb.

Anomalous Propagation said...

As for Jeb [no-last-name] ... remember Terry Schaivo!

By slashing taxes and borrowing heavily from those whose taxes were slashed and then the US' value, as the bonds are retired, going off-shore greatly reduces the money supply over time and will extremely negatively impact monetary & fiscal policy over a greater span of time than it takes to retire the debt. shrub wasn't merely reactionary; he was also either monumentally insensitive, negligent, ignorant or stupid. He relegated management of our government to an employment population that had at its core of beliefs that government is immoral, evil or unnecessary. They controlled policy and burrowed into upper civil service jobs before shrub left office to extend their influence over a moral regulatory system that they swore to defend in public but to destroy when making congress with their 'friends'.

Anomalous Propagation said...

Have I discovered the secret of Trump's popularity and success? He's as uninformed about the law, regulation and other sophisticated & nuanced requirements beyond the grasp of a graduate from college with 'gentlemamn's"C's"'.