Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Lost Art Of Music: REAL Music

Something I've run across often on the very far left is people who think that three-chord punk rockers play "real music." One doesn't have to be a reactionary to yearn for music -- the real thing. Here's an example of how the REAL THING is done. This is the great Lee Morgan (1938-1972), one of the great jazz trumpeters and a bandleader in the era of hard bop in the early 1960s. (Too bad he was a junkie, but many were.)

Enjoy, if you can. I know too well that not everybody digs jazz. -- mj

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Marc McDonald said...

Determining what is "real music" is strictly a matter of taste. I've talked to Beethoven fans who were dismissive of all pop music. And frankly, as someone who plays classical music on the piano myself, it's hard to not get the sinking feeling that all 20th century music is distinctly inferior to the likes of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart (just as today's sculpture is inferior to Michelangelo and today's literature is inferior to Gogol).
Having said that, I do keep an open mind about music. I would disagree that punk isn't "real" music. However, in my view, the best punk is the original---from the 1960s and 1970s. Today's "punk" is largely recycled dogshit.
The greatest punk album ever is the 1977 Clash album called "The Clash."
What the best punk lacks in musical sophistication, it makes up for in passion.