Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Values? Orange Julius To Harry Reid: 'Go F--k Yourself'

By Manifesto Joe

The past couple of months haven't been good ones for Weeper of the House John "Orange Julius" Boehner. His party lost the presidential election, and he couldn't even deliver his own caucus for "Plan B" to solve the so-called fiscal cliff predicament.

Then, last Friday afternoon, according to witnesses, Orange Julius told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, "Go f--k yourself." Not once, but twice. (I don't know why I sanitized the word, as I have used it unsanitized a few times before. Perhaps it's the context.)

This man is, presumably, the highest-ranking official in a party that constantly claims to represent "family values." Oh, and I'm sure that this verbal rage from all 5 feet, 6 inches of Orange Julius just struck mortal fear in the heart of Sen. Reid.

Most of the Republican Party must not have too big a problem with this behavior. Orange Julius just got narrowly re-elected Weeper, surviving the defection of at least 12 of the most "conservative" members of his caucus.

On the plus side for a lot of ordinary Americans, federal emergency jobless benefits have apparently been rescued as part of the "fiscal cliff" deal that finally did pass. Orange Julius seemed to do his best to kill that, but he had to cave in the end.

But I'm still puzzled at how the Republicans manage to pass themselves off as such rugged moralists when their highest-ranking official is such a vulgar little potty mouth. Go figure.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.

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Old Scout said...

Am I the only one?
To have concluded that boehner is still Speaker because he doesn't speak for the tea-party.
As long as boehner is out front on the issues for the majority, his speaking is useless, and he will always have to return to the party caucus for permission to proceed - without portfolio.
This is the way to continuously disrupt the government at the policy level when the policy is policy of the other party. Then they get to mess with it again in the House. Later the Senate gets to get in the act ... all the while a conservative leaning press is banging away on the President's lack of progress in negotiating the corridors of the Legislative Branch.
Not all conspiracies are grand, nor are they conveniently nefarious. Sometimes they are so uncomplicatedly effective that they slide in under the radar.