Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Curious Misbehavior Of Herr Karl Rove, Svengali To Pond Scum

By Manifesto Joe

Not that Fox News had much credibility left to begin with, but continuing to present Herr Rove, a major fundraiser for numerous Republican candidates, as some kind of even-handed political analyst should dispense with whatever small measure of credibility they had left. The only reason anybody would watch this shit is because they WANT right-wing propaganda, not news.

Here's how Sarah Palin reacted to Tuesday night's events:

And if you are so masochistic that you still crave more agony, here's Bill O'Reilly:

Oh, and perhaps the richest thing of all came from Herr Rush Lardbaugh. He suggests that the election was STOLEN. After the curious outcomes of 2000 and 2004, with Il Doofus the "winner," that seems especially laughable.

Fox News should just admit that it functions as Republican right-wing propaganda

This "network" is about as unbiased as if Joseph Goebbels were in charge of it. But there are apparently millions of "Americans" who want exactly that when they put on "news." It may have been the case, 30 years ago, that subtle bias was noticeable on some of the other networks. It should be evident that, given that journalism isn't a lucrative profession and tends to attract people who pursue a profession for other reasons, it tends to attract more liberals than conservatives. I'm personally angry that everybody I deal with in the banking profession seems to have a conservative bias. Could it be that it's a profession that's rife with money-grubbing swine?

There's no longer even pretense here. Fox is pure propaganda, and if the Rove incident isn't evidence enough, there can never be enough.

On the bright side, they can't lie enough to stop 61 million real Americans from voting for the president Fox has vilified from Day One. Many people no longer take them the least bit seriously.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.

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Anonymous said...

In the Bill O'Reilly clip, he makes a point that I increasingly hear on rightwing talk radio. O'Reilly's theory as to why people voted for Obama: "People want stuff." It sounds pretty vague. But it's a despicable dog-whistle statement. When O'Reilly says "People want stuff," he's really saying "N*ggers want welfare."
The ironic thing is that Obama, as a moderate centrist, has not increased America's meager social safety net. In fact, as a percentage of GDP, worker's wages are at the lowest level they've ever been in U.S. history and corporate profits are at an all-time high.
People who say Obama is a "socialist" are uninformed idiots. But frankly, so are people who say Obama is a "Liberal."