Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scumney Is Worst Liar Ever To Win A Presidential Nomination

By Manifesto Joe

There have been many lies coming from Mitt Scumney's mouth during the course of this presidential campaign, but he's come to a point at which he's not the least bit artful about it.

The latest mendacity is in an ad in the battleground state of Ohio, claiming that Jeep is outsourcing manufacturing jobs to China. (Recall that this is from a man who has made a fortune off outsourcing union jobs to places like that.) Scumney repeated this lie during a speech in Ohio, which understandably upset many union members in Toledo. In that city, Jeep actually plans to add 1,100 jobs at its plant there.

That didn't stop Scumney, who preened and postured to a crowd that he would personally fight to save those American jobs.

Here's a link to a commentary outlining the sheer audacity of Scumney's dishonesty, by Buzzflash editor Mark Karlin.

We've had dumber people than Scumney who actually made it to the White House. Think Obama's predecessor, Il Doofus. Warren G. Harding also comes to mind. Then there was the mysteriously popular Ronald Reagan. ("Poor dear, he hasn't anything between his ears," British political ally Margaret Thatcher once lamented.)

We've had others with different problems. Coolidge was legendary for his laziness -- he slept 12 hours a day, plus naps. When he died, Dorothy Parker is supposed to have said something like, "How can they tell?" William Howard Taft was so fat, he once got stuck in his bathtub. FDR and JFK were notorious womanizers, and LBJ, by his own account, is supposed to have topped either of them. Nixon is said to have been a specimen who would have kept a psychiatrist of the Freudian philosophy busy for many years.

But I don't recall reading about any presidential candidate, not even Nixon, who has told as many crude, unmitigated lies on the campaign trail as Scumney has. His political philosophy is hard to measure, because he's said so many different things to so many different people. The core ideology is pure Machiavelli -- whatever it takes to win.

The American people have less than a week to decide whether a man this brazenly ruthless belongs in the White House. I hope it's true that the tracking polls are wrong, erring because of an undercount of cellphone-only users, who lean toward Obama. Stay tuned.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Jack Jodell said...

The man is a shameless son of a bitch with absolutely no moral or ethicsl standards whatsoever. BTW, don't miss my post tomorrow: "12 Reasons to NOT Vote Republican This Year!"

Old Scout said...

Calling romney a liar is like saying water is wet.
romney is the Wiki poster child: his photo is posted, as the example, along side the definition of liar.