Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden Stomped All Over Eddie Munster's Ass -- But Obama Will Have To Do Something Similar

By Manifesto Joe

It seems a picture of split verdicts on the vice presidential debate, held Thursday night. I suppose there are enough people living in alternative universes to make that so. I watched every word, and it looked to me like legendary badass Joe Biden drew blood at least five times for every one time for "Ayn."

Of course, I'm prejudiced, but I was a bit concerned about Obama's performance at the first of the presidential debates. Obama is going to have to win the second and third encounters with Scumney. He turned in a dry, professorial performance in their first debate, roughly scoring a boring draw, which was something that worked in Scumney's favor because expectations for the latter were rather low.

It's sad that American politics is so often rooted in the visceral in the outcomes. And debate outcomes aren't always that pivotal. If they were, John Kerry would be a departing president now.

But this race is close, and much will hang on the debate outcomes. Expectations for Obama have been high, given that he is regarded as a superior orator. Against Scumney, the second and third times, he will have to demonstrate that he can think on his feet.

Stay tuned.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Anonymous said...

President Obama had a lot on his plate before the debate. He had to run the entire freaking country that day, while also contemplating his wedding anniversary. F@cking Mittens probably got his 8 hours sleep while everyone else working under him paved his way to the podium. So glad the Veep handed the widow's peak-having neo-con action figure his balls on live TV. The media never gave Biden much credit, but now he's more than earned his due in debatorial collateral.


Old Scout said...

I noticed today that baybuchanan tried gob-smacking Biden for his behavior.
Ya can't win with shit-for-brains republi-can'ts,
if a Democrat is assertive she spins it that women don't like assertion, if he isn't assertive - like the President iin the first debate - she skewers him for being 'not-'assertive.
republi-can'ts haven't a clue and neither do their voters.

Manifesto Joe said...

They seem to make it up as they go along. Bottom line seems to be -- Republican, gooood; Democrat, baaaaad.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm alone here, but I thought that Obama did a fine job in the debate. His arguments were sound. His only "flaw" was that he wasn't aggressive enough.
However, Obama has NEVER been aggressive. He's always been mild-mannered and timid. He's a Democrat, for Christ's sake.
Modern-day Dems very rarely are aggressive. We let the GOP crap all over us and then we ask for seconds.
Never in a million years would you hear a Democrat yell out, "You lie!" at a GOP president's State of the Union address.
In short, we're a bunch of pussies. Yes, there are a few outspoken "tough" guys like Biden. But even with Biden, it's all talk and no action.
Take a look at someone like Robert Reich. He talks a good talk now. But where the fuck was he when he was Secretary of Labor? I don't recall him doing a goddamn thing for progressives back then.
We Dems are pussies. One thing I admire about the Repubs is that they fight for what they believe in.

Manifesto Joe said...

I think a lot of it is Democrats' gunshyness that is rooted in the Cold War era. Post-WWII Dems have long seemed scared of being labeled "socialists" and "pinkos." It goes back to the McCarthy era. If they hit hard and act too feisty, the right wing seems to have ways to make it blow up in their faces, a la Alan Grayson or Dennis Kucinich. But I think the era of bringing boxing gloves to a knife fight is nearing the end. The U.S. lower middle class has been pushed nearly to a breaking point. People often disappoint, but I don't see them, or their apparent spokespeople, putting up with the current arrangement for too much longer.

Jack Jodell said...

I agree with Anonymous that Obama presented a good, factual, points-driven debate but did so with a tired and nonaggressive demeanor. If he takes a page out of Biden's book, he will wallop that lying Romney. I hope he comes across as passionate as he does while out on the stump.