Saturday, September 8, 2012

This Is 'Gone With The Wind' For Birthers

By Manifesto Joe

Someone I know urged me to watch this, so I did, all 76 minutes of it:

The bottom line seems to be the insistence of one Verna Lee, 95, that neither she nor her office could ever have made a mistake on a birth certificate in her official capacity in Hawaii back in 1961 (not 1960, as the investigator repeatedly says).

A number of years back, I had to get a copy of my own birth certificate. I was most surprised to learn that I was born at 3:25 p.m. The doctor recorded it as 3:35 a.m. My mother recalled that the event occurred in the dark of the early morning hours, and I think that she was there. In any case, my Texas birth certificate was screwed up by an incompetent person on the day I was born. So was my mother's -- her name was misspelled on hers.

But in Texas, they make such mistakes all the time. The officials in Hawaii were perfect, every time, even back then.

The person who urged me to watch this said it convinced him that President Obama's long-form birth certificate, as presented to the public in PDF format, is a forgery. It raises a couple of interesting questions, but ultimately, he got me confused with someone who actually gives a shit.

I really, honestly don't care if Obama was born on Jupiter. His opponent has a running mate who's a disciple of hag selfishness cult leader Ayn Rand, and who has proposed to convert Medicare into a voucher system. The "GOP" ticket has me worried about a great deal more than where Obama was born.

The whole "birther" thing seems to me like a diversionary nonissue, the kind that right-wingers just love. They were floating these the full eight years that Bill Clinton was president. Now, with them horrified at the prospect of a second term of President N----r, can we expect any less?

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Old Scout said...

Joe -
The birth cert thing is dog whistling as the republi-can'ts pass the cemetary. The only salient question to be addressed is, "How did the birth announcement get in the paper, back in '61??".
Obama was born in Hawai'i and attended Occidental College & graduated Columbia College and Harvard's Law School. His and romney's grades are irrelevant. Just as shrub's and Clinton's were irrelevant.
The only real relevance of this election is that romney & the 'can'ts' see the Constitution as an archaic document that is no more than a piece of paper identifying the rules that must be bent to their will. And to us, the Constitution is a living instrument, subject to the changes in society, technology, science, engineering and language usage.
Let's face it! What the hell woulde Ben Franklin do with a nuclear powered steam generating station? What would Jefferson do about gender equity rights? What would Monroe do about inter-continental hegemony and communications protocols that send a burst transmission around the globe 7 times in only 1 second? Reactionaries of the tea-party and the republi-can'ts would rather burn the Constitution and make it up as we go along.

Sometimes I wonder why I care? The ones who would benefit most from a Democratic administration are least likely to vote one into office.

Manifesto Joe said...

Scout, the person who urged me to watch this is someone who makes, at best, half the money I do. And yet, he describes himself as a conservative. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The libs may not care if obama was born in the u.s. but those of us who care about following the Constitution do care.

Manifesto Joe said...

You totally miss the point. Given the inaccuracy of birth certification, especially at that time, Obama himself may not know where the hell he was born. Both parents are dead. There is evidence that there was an announcement made in the Honolulu paper, re his birth. I doubt that there can be more evidence produced that will silence the imbeciles who think this is a major issue.

People like you basically have to make up shit about the Constitution to make it whatever you want it to be, so stick your "constructionism" up your ass. Like a suppository.

Manifesto Joe said...


Eat this.