Sunday, June 17, 2012

America The Stupid, Part 2

I can't say that I've always agreed with everything I've ever heard come out of Gore Vidal's mouth, or with everything that he's written. But, sadly, I think he's got the American people pegged quite well. This is a 2008 interview with Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman:

The past 12 years have done more to convince me of an epidemic of American stupidity than all of the previous 44 years I've been alive. Is it something in the water? -- mj

Postscript: The secondary videos are good, too. Look for the interview he did with Joy Behar, apparently around 2010.


Anonymous said...

Why else would the right wing and their lobbyist masters work so hard to monopolize all the media outlets and gut public education? They want a nation of ill-informed, immature, and reactionary f@cktards that will be so politically bipolar and canibalistic to each other. How elso do you explain union employee spouses in Wisconsin voting against their significant others' best interests? The Repukes for the paeons are the party of resentment. People like Walker and the Koch-sucker brothers brainwash their working and middle-class drones into dragging down anyone making a living onto their level. Yet they don't realize they're slowly eroding the few workplace advantages and protections gained in the last 100 years in the process by thinking with their elephant balls instead of their brains.


Motivated In Ohio said...

I love Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. We no longer have an education system that values knowledge and critical thinking. We no longer have a free press.

People who spread propaganda like David Barton are considered "historians".

We are fighting wars for oil and the war profiteers. People die for this.

Manifesto Joe said...

AMNESIA is more than just a good book title.

Il Doofus and Herr Cheney doubled the national debt, from $5 trillion to $10 trillion, getting us mixed up in costly foreign adventures while at the same time cutting taxes on their rich friends.

But Americans seem to have a collective memory that goes back perhaps a year or so. Now many are actually listening to the Republicans again, and they are painting Obama as some kind of insane spender.

The poet George Santayana wrote that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I fear that's going to happen here, very soon.

Jack Jodell said...

Gore Vidal spoke truth all throughout these interviews. The American people ARE indeed stupid, as well as lazy and complacent. It is our responsibility to set them straight.

Anonymous said...

>>they are painting Obama as some
>>kind of insane spender.
I am regularly reading various commentators in the MSM that claim Obama's stimulus involved "trillions" of dollars in spending. I'd be curious as to where they're coming up with this number.
U.S. government figures show that the stimulus included around $550 billion in spending, along with $275 billion in tax cuts.
That's a long ways from "trillions" in spending. And yet I continue to hear mainstream commentators make the claim that it cost "trillions" without being challenged by anyone.