Saturday, April 28, 2012

With Slick Willard, Republicans Are About To Nominate Thurston Howell The Third For President

By Manifesto Joe

I confess to being a little stunned when I read what Slick Willard Romney's advice was for young Americans struggling with the job market: Take risks, and don't be shy about borrowing money from your parents.

Um, it's a great big world out there, Willard, and not everybody has a trust fund. What if your parents are dead, or what if they are actually worse off than you are?

The slick one's example was Jimmy John of the renowned sandwich chain, who he said borrowed $20,000 from his parents and started a swell new business that's now a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Like wow, Willard! If my parents had ever had $20,000 to lend me, I could have gone to an Ivy League school and become part of the elite, too! Forget about the entrepreneurship, let's go with what's tried and tested and proven. One of those Harvard or Yale degrees can get you a pretty far piece, from what I've seen.

Another example, one that Slick Willard's wife was supposed to have brought up in an old interview, was that Slick sold some stocks that Daddsy bought for him so that he and wifey could live while they were college students.

Man, too bad I couldn't have sold my stock and traded it in for a meal ticket at the college cafeteria! But, man does not live by Frito pie alone.

To turn more serious, what keeps coming up here is Slick Willard's total disengagement from how the vast majority of people, even reasonably affluent Americans, have to live. From what I've read, Daddsy George had his ups and downs as a youth, and had to do a bit of his share of ass-busting to get ahead in life. But it doesn't appear that he communicated any of this to Sonny Mitt.

I'm not completely confident about this situation, because the American people were stupid enough to "elect" Il Doofus, and his daddy, too. But Romney seems to have a total disconnect with life as it has to be lived by us commoners. The Republicans will nominate him at their own peril.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is the pit boss at the high roller casino. He claims anyone can play with the big dogs, too bad the majority of us unwashed paeons can't pass the credit check to get in.

Thurston Howell is a good metaphor, but I liken Mittens to a Mormon Richie Rich who grew up living is his pocket universe made of dividends rather than elementary subatomic particles like the one we have to live in.

His father actually did great things while he was governor of Michigan, and unlike sonny-boy, he EMPLOYED people at American Motors instead of gutting healthy companies along with the useless ones for profit at Bain Capital. I can't elect a corporate vulture, that is what Mitt Romney is to me in a nutshell.


Jack Jodell said...

Romney is totally clueless as to the actual gloomy economics most Americans face. He may as well be campaigning from Mars.

Anonymous said...

Thurston Howell The Third was lovable in an out of touch way. Slick Willard is not lovable in any sense of the word.

Slick Willard and Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corporate recently visited Cornwall PA. Cornwall is the Republican heart of Republican Lebanon County. Even in Cornwall Slick Willard and his unpopular side-kick were booed. Being booed by the NAACP is one thing. Being booed in Cornwall is a whole other thing.

Anonymous said...

Jack: are you sure he is not campaigning from Moon Base Newt?