Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Vacation, Courtesy Of My PC

I can't do much posting for a while. My PC is down, and it may be down for a couple more weeks. Thanks to all who visit the blog, and please don't give up on me. I expect to be back by the end of the month.

One thing I have learned from this experience -- don't trust ANYTHING that computer geeks tell you. From three different ones, you can get three entirely different stories (and I did). Oh, and never buy anything from Dell.

Plan to be back ASAP. -- mj


John Myste said...

Loyal Dell user for many years, using a Dell right now.

What you should not trust from computer geeks like me is this:

1. Oh, run back to a restore point. It will be fine.

2. Run check disk (chkdsk). If there is a problem, it will find it and fix it.

3. You don't need a backup, just run the update.

4. Run this spyware, and fix what it finds.

5. Edit your own registry. I will walk you through it.

Next time, shoot me an email. I am mediocre at fixing technical problems, but I know all about backing up damaged computers before you try and I know something about recovering data from a a crashed drive.

Jack Jodell said...

Sorry to see you out of commission for so long, Joe. Looking real forward to your return!

Manifesto Joe said...

Been using Dell products for over 12 years. Their machines aren't bad, but they apparently decided years ago that customer service is far too expensive. They hire on the cheap, and you get a different story from just about every "tech" that they employ. I decided, after much gnashing of teeth with their techs, to just take my tower in to a local shop. I will see what my luck is like with them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you believe should hace hired a tech who attended a private instead of public school. And what's this capitalist crap whereby you suggest lower paid Techs are not as good as high paid techs -- obviously, all Computer Techs should be paid the same. You seem to be advocating that merit and talent should dictate wages rather that union status or senority. Who do you think you are ... George Bush?

Manifesto Joe said...

Anon, you've obviously swallowed the right-wing Kool-Aid! (Nor are you very literate.)

What's happening with Dell's customer service has nothing to do with public or private. They are doing what most U.S. corporations are doing, outsourcing to Kenny from Bangalore because they can get his ass on the cheap.

The guys who fixed my PC -- I'm back on, by the way -- went to the local community college. They are Americans, not cheap-ass outsourced help. Not the best help, from what I saw. But at least I can talk to a real person at a real shop. As much as I can sympathize with a foreign person who's working for what the corporations will pay, it's a bad idea, and many companies are starting to realize that it is.