Monday, July 18, 2011

Texas Two-Step: How Many Republicans Does It Take To Screw Up A Light Bulb?

By Manifesto Joe

As budget-deficit and debt-limit talks between the president and the Congress are stalemated, and the future of little things like Social Security and Medicare may be hanging in the balance, isn't it comforting to know that lawmakers like Joe Barton of Arlington, Texas, are in there fighting for the rights of Americans to buy cheap-ass light bulbs?

Barton, a veteran Republican House member, already had the dubious distinction of being the member of Congress who most strikingly resembles a victim of Down's syndrome. His "valiant" battle for the cheap incandescent light bulb didn't do much for his image. Here's what The Christian Science Monitor had on this issue Tuesday.

But wait -- the issue isn't burned out yet. After Barton failed to get a supermajority for his bill in the House, Michael Burgess came to the rescue. reported that:

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) on Wednesday filed an amendment to the Energy and Water spending bill that would prohibit the Energy Department from requiring traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more energy efficient.

Here's a link to the entire article.

Seems that presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Retarded-Minn., has climbed aboard this issue as well. It's supposed to be unbelievable government intrusion into people's lives. How dare the government try to tell people that they shouldn't waste electricity!

Step Two: Texas State Board of Education needs more conservative Christians?

That's according to Barbara Cargill, a Republican from The Woodlands (Houston area), the new chairperson of the state board. Cargill has drawn criticism for a speech she made to a friendly audience, saying:

"Right now there are six true conservative Christians on the board, so we have to fight for two votes. In previous years, we had to fight for one vote to get a majority."

Here's a link to the entire article.

This affronted some other members of the 15-member board, who consider themselves Christians but don't seem to want to force "intelligent design" materials into public school biology classes. Ms. Cargill doesn't consider them, even the Republicans among them, to be reliable votes.

Since we're on the subject of "intelligent design," don't look to the Texas Legislature or any other entities of this state's government for evidence of that. Thanks to public policies toward education, schoolchildren will begin this school year in August without new textbooks. Yep, that's right. Here's a link to a story on the subject.

But hell, who needs them thar books? It's the humanity in the classroom that matters, right?

(That was often what seemed like the very problem to me.)

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Motivated In Ohio said...

Joe, You guys just need to turn the Department of Education over to David Barton so you don't have to even think about science or any nonsense like that.

As for the dumb light bulb controversy, they should make them and everything else more efficient. I guess we know who is paying these politicians.

Cletis said...

Joe, I'm sure you're aware of Rand Paul's valiant toilet wars. He's big time pissed off and wants the government out of his bathroom. I weary of these fools my friend.

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, merry commentators:

One thing I just plum forgot to mention is that this same Joe Barton was the dude who, during testimony before a House panel, "apologized" to polluter BP for the government's "shakedown" of them.

For a guy who has risen to such a high station in life, especially -- Joe is a shockingly dumb MF.

Anonymous said...

Repukes only demand government control when it affects the little guy, not their big-business backroom lovers.