Monday, May 9, 2011

Texas Republican Crybabies Will Pout While Obama Visits

By Manifesto Joe

This is the state whose governor talked in thinly veiled terms, in 2009, about secession. It's probably at a risk to life and limb that President Barack Obama will come here at all.

He's coming Tuesday to El Paso and Austin, two places where he has actually had good voter support -- but the Republicans will be pouting and reviling him.

It seems that his administration didn't approve federal emergency funds after wildfires burned up a lot of acreage, and more than a few posh vacation homes, in the state. Some ranchers are going to lose money, too, because of the destruction.

It's been bad here, but Obama has had a lot on his plate lately. I'd say, given the devastation and loss of life seen in places like Alabama, that the FEMA money is probably being better spent there. (By the way, I've never heard of Alabama being an especially pro-Obama stronghold, either.)

But Texas Republicans seem to think that Obama has a political vendetta against the state, and that he's taking it out on Texas now, amid scorched earth.

Bear in mind, it's not like he's going to be losing a lot of votes over all this. He wasn't getting Republican votes in Texas anyway, ever, so what's there for him to lose, politically?

Here's a McClatchy newspapers piece on the subject, at this link.

When you've got a brat governor who's talking secession, is it a surprise that Texas isn't high on the federal priority list? But I doubt that this is even the reason for the denial. The federal government is dealing with an enormous deficit right now, and decisions have to be made. With all the untaxed money there is here in this state, I suspect that Texas has plenty of money to deal with this situation, without the help of the federal government at this particular time.

Get over it, Republican crybabies.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


SJ said...

Good piece.
Texas politicians aside, when people need help, they need help. Hopefully some more aid and resources will be freed up, even though Governor Perry is a Class A- hole.
Thanks for the McClatchy link-

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, SJ:

I don't know whether Obama could win in this situation. Republicans are depicting him as a coldblooded partisan. If he had approved lots of money, then they would have said that he's a tax-and-spend Democrat.

We were lucky here in that the fires didn't come very close to densely populated areas like where I live. They weren't so lucky in Alabama. From what I saw of the video from there, that's where FEMA really, really needs to be right now.

Jack Jodell said...

Texas Republicans will NEVER make any sense. It is one of the true constants in this life. And, like all Republicans, they shed crocofile tears unless everything is going their way 100%. Maybe if they'd ever bother to tax those piggish filthy-rich oil billionaires like the Koch brothers things wouldn't be so bad for the ranchers, but no - they'd NEVER do that.

Anonymous said...

Funny how your Republican state Congress won't collect fat tax revenues from your deadbeat corporations or oil billionaires to repair your deficit problems or natural disasters in Texas, but they'll come begging for Federal aid dollars and sh@t themselves and blubber like toddlers when they don't get them right away. Then again, I live in a dictatorship, it's called Michigan, if you're at all familiar with Dick Vader (Rick Snyder)...


Cletis L. Stump said...

Ron Paul will abolish FEMA and straighten all of this out in a minute. Goofy the First begat Goofy the Second, our own Little Randy.

Dem Bites Dog said...

A suggestion to Texas Democrats: if y'all would hurry up and declare independence, we could start the rumours about Perry being a foreign-born Methodist.