Sunday, March 13, 2011

Must Viewing: Jon Stewart Exposes The Lavish Lifestyle Of Teachers

This should be required viewing!

Please watch.

Seems like Michele Bachmann could have used a better-paid high school history teacher, or at least an effective one. She was in Concord, N.H., and told them that they should be proud to be one of the places where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired. (That Concord is in Massachusetts.)


Jack Jodell said...

It just goes to show how clueless, deceitful, and lying Fox "News" really is!

Jack Jodell said...

BTW: I have moved THE SATURDAY AFTERNOON POST over to Its new address is Thanks for your continued patronage, and I hope too see you there again real soon! :-)

GalvestonLawyer said...

I'm so sick of the goddamned Republicans.