Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bertha Lewis Was Right: Tea Party Is "A Bowel Movement"

By Manifesto Joe

I hate to break it to all you Tea Partiers out there, but even after the results of the demagogued 2010 midterm elections, the Tea Party isn't doodley-squat in Washington. In the Senate, it appears to be some kind of crude joke.

The Chicago Tribune reported that "The first meeting of the Senate Tea Party Caucus on Thursday (last week) attracted just four senators willing to describe themselves as members."

Newly minted Rethuglican senators, including Marco Rubio of Florida and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, passed on the meeting.

Predictably, the first meeting of this "caucus" was organized by Rand Paul of Kentucky. He persuaded three other senators to attend. This sounds like decent news to me, considering what young Mr. Paul wants to do. According to the Tribune, "He recommended gutting the Interior and State departments, eliminating the Energy Department and cutting all funding for public radio and television and the National Endowment for the Arts."

I think somebody left out killing the Department of Education, and also gutting and privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

Fortunately, in view of the Senate turnout, few are taking much of this seriously. The Tea Party attracted a lot of attention just with its smell. I doubt that it's going to have much staying power in Washington.

It's hard to witness mass stupidity and not call it by its rightful name.

Regarding the title of this piece, here's a link to a "fair and balanced" account from Fox News of former ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis' speech last April. Read on, but prepare for resulting bowel movements. And don't say I never left a link to a Fox News article.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Jack Jodell said...

Hats off to Ms. Lewis for telling it like it is! The "tea party" movement IS a bowel movement composed of racists, uniformed, and stupid, ignorant people who have been whipped up into a voting frenzy by the Koch Brothers and that phony lobbyist Dick Armey. It serves the master of corpocracy, not human freedom or Constitutional principle. It was led, bred, and created from day one to spread misinformation, confuse voters, and give ultimate political control to the fabulously wealthy.

I can't wait for this unhealthy and deceitful "movement" to be wiped and flushed entirely from our government for good!

Cletis L. Stump said...

Joe, I think you might get a kick out of this. Paul has the IQ of an avocado.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Tea Party is #2 constructed by right-wing republican party wash/burnouts to distract the most ignorant of voters from the real problems going on. I think Ross Perot was the last third party candidate worth a sh@t, he did warn us about NAFTA and other forms of "free" trade being the death of this country...


Marc McDonald said...

Let's not forget the newly elected GOP/Tea Party congressman, Andy Harris, whose first question at a lawmaker orientation session was to demand why his Cadillac gold-plated taxpayer-subsidized health care benefits take a month to kick in. "What am I going to do in the 28 days this takes to kick in?" he demanded.
This same asshole was elected on a Tea Party/repeal "ObamaCare" platform and he has called all government health care "socialism."
A recent Harvard study revealed that over 45,000 Americans die yearly, largely because they lack health insurance and can't get decent care.
I believe that if there is a God, then people like Harris will roast in the flames of Hell someday.
Personally, I have a hard time thinking of anything more evil than to collect lavish taxpayer-subsidized health care benefits while at the same time voting to eliminate any and all programs that help the rest of us obtain decent health care.
And let's not forget how George W. Bush enjoyed his lavish, state-of-the-art taxpayer-funded health care and at the same time vetoed the SCHIP program that helped poor kids get health care.
That was so mean and heartless than even some other Republicans questioned his decision.

Manifesto Joe said...

Problem with Mr. Perot is that he went crawling back to the Rethuglicans by 2000, supporting Il Doofus for president. He turned out to be just another sellout. He ain't going to miss any meals.

Cletis L. Stump said...

Joe, thought you might get a kick out of today's post.

Mark Gillar said...

Joe, I think your site is a bowel movement. What exactly is wrong with the sign in that picture? Obama once was a Muslim (according to a signed document in Jakarta anyway) and is still a Marxist.

If you want to write about something, may I suggest the union thugs or ACORN thugs who are destroying this country? The tea party is a true grass roots movement, not like the fake protests where all the union people and ACORN members wear the t-shirt they were given, and carry the pre-printed sign they were given. The Koch brothers fund one faction of the tea party. Our local Tea Party like thousands of Tea Parties have never taken a dime from him or anyone else beside our members. Anti-American George Soros funds most of the liberal BS in this country. What's the difference Joe? Why do you insist on calling an entire movement racist based on a few signs? Why do you ignore racist remarks from so many leaders on the left side?
By the way, studies have proven that tea partiers are more educated and more successful than than the general public. Fact are inconvenient huh Joe.

Every accusation you've made is false. Thanks for publishing your worthless opinion.

Tell me, do you prefer the thug tactics employed by ACORN and Labor Unions to the peaceful tea party movement? Is it your desire to see poor blacks, whites, and hispanics forever enslaved on Uncle Sam's Plantation. Held not by the metal chain of traditional slavery, but by dependency on government welfare!!! Are you so stupid that you can't see the progressive left views the poor as one giant voting block that will keep them in office as long as the left keeps them poor and dependent on the government.

Frankly Joe, you're nothing more than a stupid foot soldier in a war you don't even comprehend.

Oh and unlike you, I have the balls to post under my own name. Perhaps that comes from knowing that my ideas are corrects and your ideas are nothing more than BS you picked up on MSNBC or from the New York Times. Oh how easily the stupid and naive or fooled by the mainstream media.

- Mark Gillar

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, there, Mark Gillar:

I've noticed that a lot of you guys are hit-and-runners, so I hope you have the nerve to actually come back and view a reply.

My, where to begin with such a fucking idiot? Please show me any "signed document" that Obama is a Muslim. And if you think he's a Marxist, then you obviously don't know what one is. They sure as hell don't claim him.

So, Tea Partiers are more educated and successful than the rest of us? Sorry if I couldn't tell that from the semiliteracy of your comment.

How easily we "or fooled by the mainstream media." What in the hell were you trying to say there? Did you mean "are fooled"?

You semiliterate Tea Party stooges are always wanting taxes cut, especially for rich folks like the Koch brothers. You'd better hope that they don't end up cutting too much money from education. Judging from what you posted here, the English departments need all the help they can get.

BTW, I can't post under my own name because I actually work for the MSM, and they won't allow me to post under my own name for "ethics" reasons. They wouldn't like what I do, anyway, because I'm usually critical of them -- just in a more thoughtful way than fools like you.

Manifesto Joe said...

BTW, Mark Gillar:

I see from hitting on your name there that you have some kind of Tea Party talk show.

It's pretty scary when someone like you can actually get their own show. You can't even spell or put together coherent, literate thoughts. I suspect that all you can do on your show is yell louder than anyone else.

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi again, Mark Gillar:

I decided that since I'm cooking a delicious stew and have a bit of time on my hands, I'd investigate this matter further. I saw that you left some recent comments on Huffington Post.

They were, sadly, no more literate or coherent than what I just saw here.

Not only are you unable to spell -- your grasp of syntax and your misnomers are downright funny. Who the hell told you that you had what it took to be a political commentator, of any sort?

I'm nostalgic for the days when we had the likes of Bill Buckley to cross swords with. You knuckleheads make it too easy.

I'm reminded of the old quote from John Stuart Mill -- "Not all conservatives are stupid. But most stupid people are conservatives."

Manifesto Joe said...

Been waiting for you to come around, Mark. No show.

Looks like you don't have balls enough to come back here and take your whuppin' like a man.

World Hero said...

Oh Mark Gillar, you are an amazing man. You are the poet laureate of the Tea Party.

I very much look forward to appearing on the Tea Party Power Hour. Hopefully you will, as you like to say, have the cajones to actually put me on your show. If this post you have here is any indication of your debating skills then I look forward to making a mockery of you on your own show.

See you July 17th Mark!

Mark Edward Gillar said...

The signed document is an application for private school in Indonedia signed by his parents. His religion is listed as Muslim. Look it up yourself jackass. I'm not your secretary.

Mark Edward Gillar said...

Literate? Coherent? How would a dumb, liberal piece of human excrement like you actualy know?

Manifesto Joe said...

Hey, Mark, you finally showed up!

An idea -- why don't you toss your hat into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination? From appearances, you're at least as crazy as Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul, and at least as stupid as Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann. And you may almost be as well-known as Jon Huntsman. Who knows? You might emerge as the front-runner in the polls for a couple of days.

Manifesto Joe said...

BTW, the notion that Obama is a Muslim has pretty much been debunked as a right-wing urban legend. Here's a link: