Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Among Ample Evidence That Lardbaugh Is A Fool: Speaking Gibberish Chinese

By Manifesto Joe

It's hard to understand how this ridiculous tub of lard can still command an audience of millions, yet Herr Lardbaugh can and does. His latest faux pas was speaking infantile Chinese on the air while the Chinese president was in the country, saying stuff like "ching, chong, chang."

Asian-American legislators called on him to apologize, but Herr Lardbaugh is having none of it. Comic license is his defense, even if his comedy wouldn't even play well to most junior-high audiences.

I can't say I'm a fan of the authoritarian Chinese government, but a guy in Herr Lardbaugh's position in life should show a bit more class than this. Of course, he has no clue thereof.

Here's the link to a post from ThinkProgress. Not only did Lardbaugh decline to apologize, one of his listeners sent several racist death threats to the office of an Asian-American legislator this week.

If it hadn't been clear that Herr Lardbaugh is a political bottom-feeder, playing to the prejudices of the pond scum of the reich-wing, it should be obvious now.

Plus, he stopped being funny decades ago. The act is silly and ancient. You don't do stupid better than anybody else does, Rush. Your remaining audience is trailer trash.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Jack Jodell said...

Herr Lardbaugh has no class - or brains, either. The same idiots who believe pro wrestling is real follow and hang on Lardbaugh's every word. This jerk abuses free speech. Like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, he will say or do anything just to be noticed or to get attention. His infantile rants are an insult to everyone with a brain. It is high time SOMEBODY pulls the plug on this insulting pea brain!

Anonymous said...

>>>Plus, he stopped being funny decades ago.

Limbaugh was once funny? (at least intentionally so?)

Manifesto Joe said...

I can't say I've never laughed at one of Lardbaugh's gags, but it was probably about 19 years ago. And his act was already quite old by then.

Anonymous said...

The only solace I would take in a Chinese occupation in exchange for paying our debt would be the wholesale extermination of fat sacks of sh@t like Lardbutt and Reich Propaganda Minister Glenn Beck. The PRC party doesn't take dissent and mockery too kindly...


Cletis L. Stump said...

Joe, the pathetic imitation of the Chinese lnguage is literally what I had to stop from my middle school students twenty-five years ago. At least the kids had an excuse. They were middle school students. The Lord of Lard has no excuse, other than brain damage from his pil-popping, oxycontin days. I appreciate your pointed pen.

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Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, I think this is more than just a lack of "class" or a "faux pas" on Limbaugh's part.
Let's call it what it is: outright bigotry and racism.
We don't say child molesters have a "lack of class," because what they do is far more evil.
So it is with Limbaugh. Frankly, what he is doing is evil. It's one thing to be a bigot. But to spew his lies, bigotry and racism to millions of people and to poison their minds (as well as the nation's political debate) is frankly just plain evil. The damage that people like Limbaugh have done to America is incalculable.

Anonymous said...

I think Rush has been right about a lot of things that he doesn't get credit for from the Liberal Movement.
For example, I recall back in 2005, when the Libs said the Iraq War was "lost." Rush correctly predicted that America would win the war there, and he was right.
Additionally, years ago, Rush was saying that Global Warming was a fraud. And now, he has been proven right. Most experts now say that Global Warming doesn't exist, after all. Only the die-hard, extreme Kook Libs like Al Gore and his followers continue to believe this.
I recall Rush also predicting back in 2007 that Obama would be a disaster for America. Surely, even the Liberals must admit that on this one, he was definitely correct.

Manifesto Joe said...

Anon, you've obviously been listening to too much Lardbaugh and guzzling the Kool-Aid.

The Iraq war has been won? That's news to me. I just read something the other day about a suicide bomber killing 36 people. The U.S. still has a large occupation force there, and our leaders fear pulling them out because they anticipate that chaos would ensue. And their main opposition leader, who recently returned from exile in Iran, has called American occupiers the enemy. That's stability? That's victory?

Global warming is a fraud? Not according to most of the authorities I've read about. There's still debate on the subject, but I'd say a majority of scientists are still very much of the belief that human activity is producing climate change.

Obama has been a disaster? He's been disappointing to the "left" mostly in the sense of being a compromising politician. More accurately, I'd say he INHERITED a disaster from Il Doofus, and has brought about some marginal improvements. I see that the Dow average recently topped 12,000. Obama gets no credit for that, right?

You're an example of what the poster just before you described, about what Lardbaugh has done to poison the nation's political debate. Lies and distortion too often go unrefuted, and semi-literate morons like Sarah Palin are at large calling for someone to "refudiate" this or that. Pathetic.

Manifesto Joe said...

Correction: That recent bombing in Iraq killed at least 48 people at a funeral. Here's the link:

Here are the lead paragraphs from this Jan. 27 article:

"BAGHDAD – A car bomb exploded outside a funeral tent Thursday in a mainly Shiite area of Baghdad, killing at least 48 people — the latest in a wave of attacks that has triggered fury over the government's inability to stop the bloodshed.

As ambulances raced to the scene and Iraqi helicopters buzzed overhead, young men enraged over the security lapse pelted Iraqi forces with sticks and stones, prompting skirmishes.

The violence over the past week and a half has mainly targeted the majority Shiite community and Iraqi security forces, posing a major challenge for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his fragile coalition government that was seated last month."

You need to stop getting your news from Lardbaugh, Anon. He's not a reliable source.

Marc McDonald said...

In response to the earlier poster who thinks Rush was right about Iraq being a victory, I think it's important to point out a few things:
1. Iraq remains the most dangerous, violent nation in the world. No sane Westerner would dare walk down the streets of Baghdad, at least without a heavily-fortified escort.
2. Bombings and assassinations remain a daily part of life in Iraq.
3. Millions of Iraqi refugees have fled the country and remain in other nations like Syria, afraid to return home. Indeed, it's doubtful a lot of these people will ever return.
4. U.S. troops are still dying in Iraq. Yes, the numbers are down sharply from 2007, but that is only because U.S. troops are largely confined to their heavily-fortified bases these days.
5. The Iraq War continues to cost the U.S. taxpayers billions per month---all of which is borrowed money that will have to be repaid with interest.
The Iraq War was, and continues to remain, a fiasco. If anything at all has changed, it's that the U.S. media and public got weary of the whole mess and simply turned their attention to other matters, like Britney Spears' latest hairstyle and Paris Hilton's latest sexcapade. Unfortunately, the Iraqi people don't have the option of turning away from the horror.