Friday, October 29, 2010

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

... in Right-Wing Radio Duck!

This has a great 1930s right-wing, Liberty League, Father Coughlin feel to it, no?

Thanks to Blue Girl of They Gave Us a Republic for turning many of us on to this.


Jack Jodell said...

EXCELLENT! "Good riddance" are the perfect words to use when talking about that insane conspiracist Glenn Beck. That guy belongs in the Twilight Zone, but he's so wacked-out I don't even think Rod Serling would have him!

Marc McDonald said...

Beck has talked on his show about poisoning Nancy Pelosi and killing Michael Moore. I'm unclear as to how he can do this and not face charges. The Secret Service isn't normally known for having a sense of humor. And yet, they sit around with their thumb up their ass and take no action. It's eerie.
Living in America in 2010 is becoming an increasingly surreal experience.