Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nostalgia For 'Good' Demagogues: Remembering Huey P. Long

Demagogues are always dangerous. But once upon a time in America, at least they would sometimes fight for the well-being of ordinary struggling citizens. Louisiana Gov. and Sen. Huey P. Long (1893-1935) comes to mind.

If only Sarah Palin had done half as much for Alaska before becoming a national figure.

Standard Oil is running the state again, Kingfish. America needs you, not Sarah Palin. -- MJ


Anonymous said...

I had an argument with a right-winger tonight who insisted that 9/11 "happened on Clinton's watch."
I guess this wouldn't bother me so much, except for the fact that this is now the second right-winger I've argued this point with.
For the past few months, Dick Cheney has been giving speeches and interviews, claiming that the U.S. saw "no terrorist attacks on President Bush's watch."
Now, more and more right-wingers are taking this as gospel. Repeat the lie long enough and people will start to believe it.

Anonymous said...

I remember Huey Long from 11th Grade U.S. history. Do they still even teach that in schools anymore?.. :( I especially loved his two medicine allegory about the two-party system. Except I call it having to pick between Drano and Liquid Plumr, they'll both kill you in the right doses. I would trade a dozen Caribou Barbies to bring back one Huey Long and one Teddy Roosevelt. The nation's conscience almost died with them. Thanks for the blast from the past Joe.


Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, Anon: I would regard anyone who believed this as being, in general, too stupid to argue with. Bush was on vacation down here in Crawford when he was told on Aug. 6, 2001 that an attack was imminent. He stayed on vacation five more weeks.

Problem is, there are so many of these ignorant assholes now that they have become a political force. One of the most important things that ordinary schmucks like us can do on the Web is to just point out the stupidity.

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, WageslaveZ, welcome back. It's always a pleasure.

Huey was, of course, the model for the Willie Stark character in the Robert Penn Warren novel "All the King's Men." Of the 2 movie versions, the old 1949 one with Broderick Crawford was the better one. Huey was a bit of a double-edged blade, virtually the dictator of Louisiana for a number of years. But I'd say we need a few more of those, as long as they are cutting in the direction of the corporate oinkers who seem to be running the country now.

I don't remember learning anything about Huey Long in school, ever, at all. But hey, like, this here is Texas, dude! I'd figured out by the time I was 13 or 14 that, if you actually want to learn something, read the books on your own; go to the public library, etc. They don't teach the most important stuff in school down here. You might even be hard-pressed to find it in the library.

Jack Jodell said...

If only we had a firebrand like Huey Long in a position of power to rail as he did against corporations and for the average American citizen! TIME FOR A NEW KINGFISH!!!

Anonymous said...

In a Fox News interview, on Nov. 24, 2009, former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino said (direct quote): "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term."
You can view the video at Huffington Post. Needless to say, the moderator, Sean Hannity, did not challenge this statement.

Manifesto Joe said...

Perino, I believe, was also the imbecile who, when questioned, didn't know jack about what the Cuban Missile Crisis was. And I think she was actually Il Doofus' press secretary at the time.

Anonymous said...

Joe - I know you and Marc McDonald are friends, and I'm just wondering if all is well with him? I know for quite some time he didn't post on his blog very often, but for, I'm thinking it's well over a month now, I've been unable to bring up anything on his blog more current than his post of January 27th of this year. I'm just hoping you'll know if he is all right and will share that with those of us who have read his blog regularly. Thank you.

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, anon: Marc's a self-employed Internet entrepreneur, and I know that 2 things have been diverting him a lot. (1) He's had to really concentrate on his moneymaking enterprises in recent months, and (2) He's had computer problems lately that, from his descriptions, have been like something out of a Trojan nightmare.