Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sergeant Stubby, USMC: A Forgotten American Hero

By Manifesto Joe

A blogosphere friend of mine, SJ of Random Thoughts, has made a post showing how dogs often know that a crisis is imminent before humans do. Their senses are keener than ours in many ways. In this case, it was knowing that a strong earthquake was coming shortly before it did.

It seemed like a good time to point out that one of the greatest American heroes of World War I was U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Stubby, an American pit bull terrier mix.

Here's the full Wikipedia article on ol' Sarge, who was found wandering around the Yale University campus sometime around 1917, the year that the U.S. entered the war. He became maybe the top U.S. hero of WWI; well, next to Sergeant York, who had the advantage of walking around on two legs.

This is from the Wiki article:

After being gassed himself, Stubby learned to warn his unit of poison gas attacks, located wounded soldiers in no man's land, and — since he could hear the whine of incoming artillery shells before humans could — became very adept at letting his unit know when to duck for cover. He was even solely responsible for capturing a German spy in the Argonne.

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Anonymous said...

hi reading about war dogs and none can compare to sergeant Stubby
this was a trueley amazing dog
regards DS. from Scotland.