Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Last, A Democrat With Juevos To Fight GOP Hypocrites: Alan Grayson

By Manifesto Joe

He apologized -- to the uninsured dead. Freshman U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., showed REAL Democrats the REAL way. Don't pull punches with these hypocrites, and call them out on their double standards. After all the right-wing Republican rhetoric about death panels, government takeovers, the "free" market, so-called "choice," and such, we finally saw a Democrat stand up on his hind legs and give as good as "WE" have been getting.

Alan Grayson for President, 2016

I like Barack Obama enough to put up with him for two terms, and I understand that he can't afford to be the sort of attack dog that Grayson was Wednesday.

But what the Democratic Party has desperately needed for decades has been a dude who was willing to get this mean in the clinches. President Obama is arguably the most talented politician the Dems have fielded in a long time, even better than Bill Clinton. But what Democrats lack right now is someone like this who will give the other side HELL of this kind, and never, ever back down.

Compromise is beginning to seem futile, especially after the spectacle of "Heartland" Democrats spreading their posteriors for Big Insurance during that Tuesday Senate Finance Committee vote. These are not even good DINOs, and the party needs to field primary opponents, real Democrats, to run against every one of them.

I think Mr. Grayson is showing the way. This isn't a game that can be won with compromise or bipartisanship. The Baucus bill seems more and more like just another giveaway to Big Insurance. If I were a Democrat in Congress, I'd vote against it and reluctantly condemn America to a couple of more years with the status quo until we can get something that makes sense.

Here's a link to Alan Grayson's solid left hook to the Republican solar plexus, courtesy of the CBS News Web site.

Right-Wing Yellow Bellies' Hypocrisy

Now, let's look at the Republican crybabies' hypocrisy. After all the swill we've been hearing this year about "death panels," health insurance for illegal aliens, and funding of abortion, THEY now have the unmitigated gall to compare Alan Grayson's brave candor with the subhuman mendacity of Joe "You Lie" Wilson? Here's Keith Olbermann on the subject of Mr. Wilson, from last month:

I think the American people heard enough contemptible lies, for eight long years, that some candor is now sorely needed. After eight years of Il Doofus, Mr. Grayson is magnificently refreshing.

Now, maybe Obama can carefully, studiously find his way closer to this path.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

The lead singer for Spike Jones and his City Slickers was named Carl Grayson. Any relation I wonder?

But seriously folks....

While I believe Congressman Grayson is one of the good guys and sympathize with his anger, it always makes me a tad uneasy to see these donkeys behaving like elephants. Just a thought.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Marc McDonald said...

John L. Perry, a regular columnist at leading GOP news site, wrote the following recently:

"There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the Obama problem."

Just when you think the wingnuts couldn't get any more extreme, they do.

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Senator Grayson called the rethugs out on Olberman's clip. Those hypocrites throw more rancorous sh*t than he did in and out of Congress, yet they get away with it by making half-assed non-apologies and all is forgiven. Yet a democrat grows a pair and roasts a rethug or two, they call him a traitor. Last time I checked, Congress was supposed to be about checks and balances, which are sadly missing. Sometimes somebody needs to verbally check "The party of no/f@ck off and die if you're poor" once in a while, which Grayson did quite nicely. I wish there were about 30 more of him, then the democracts would have an ultimate moral majority and might get something done before this country implodes.


Mycue23 said...

Finally a Democrat who has a pair and refuses to cowtow to Republican hypocrites. I can only ask where are the rest of his comrades in arms? Why aren't the rest of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate standing up and calling out the opponents of health care reform for what they really are?

dr sardonicus said...

First, we have to get Grayson through his next three terms in Congress, as his district has a history of leaning Republican.

Jack Jodell said...

Grayson in 2016? I SECOND THAT EMOTION! That guy cuts right to the chase, in the best no-nonsense, "give 'em hell" style since Harry S Truman. Best of all, he's a self-made millionaire with clear vision who really understands things as they are, so the far-right won't ever be able to characterize him as an eccentric kook, like they do to Dennis Kucinich.

"America needs you, Alan Grayson,
Alan won't you lead us home?
Our world is turnin' 'round,
we're losin' lots of ground,
Alan, is there something you can do to save the land we love?"

SJ said...

Yeah, I have to say I like seeing anyone tell it like it is. I emailed Mr. Grayson here:

-and told him how important his frankness and steadfast commitment to Healthcare reform is to me, even though I'm many, many states away from his district in New York City.