Monday, September 14, 2009

Tea Party Bozos: Brown Shirts, Or White Sheets? Neo-Nazis, Or The Klan?

By Manifesto Joe

You didn't see this kind of blatant disrespect for the office of the presidency, even back in 1993-94, when the Clintons were trying to put across a version of national health care. President Bill Clinton, an indiscreet man, always caught hell from a lot of directions; but no congressman ever called out during one of his speeches to a joint session, "You lie!"

President Barack Obama is, from all evidence, a good family man, so they can't get him there. Other than cigarettes and an occasional chili dog, he has no major vices. So, why all the vitriol?

I'd really hoped our society had matured beyond this. But I think the general disrespect comes from one very ugly thing: To millions of white Americans, this is President N----r. That's the big difference between Bill Clinton in 1993 and Barack Obama in 2009.

During the past weekend, "Tea Party" bozos gathered in large numbers in Washington, D.C., and in cities around the country. They reportedly carried signs showing Obama depicted as the villainous Joker in the Batman series, with a Hitler mustache, and with a Pinocchio nose. "You lie!" appears to have become a mantra with these people.

Imagine that, during some speech back during the 2002-03 run-up to the Iraq war, that Rep. Dennis Kucinich had called out, "You lie!" to Bush's horseshit about weapons of mass destruction, now clearly one falsehood among a vast number from the Il Doofus administration. Or, that some Democratic congressman had been playing with his Blackberry during such an event. (Rep. Eric Kantor, R-Va., was caught on video doing exactly that during Obama's speech.) I can imagine the bulging neck veins on Fox "News" the next day, and the calls for resignation.

In case anybody thought that these Tea Party protests were some kind of spontaneous grassroots uprising, this article from by Gordon Duff gives a list of the corporate sponsors of this organized trashing of the president. It's quite a list, and would make up a good boycott.

This is from Mr. Duff's commentary:

Did you notice the pile of insurance companies, the defense contractors, the US Chamber of Commerce and the NRA? Check the list carefully. Look into who these folks are. This is the group funding, what they hope will be, a civil war in America.

These are the folks sending out gun toting protestors talking about "watering the tree of liberty."

These are also the richest people in America and the most powerful and include some of the biggest polluters, the biggest protectors of illegal immigration and thousands and thousands of lawyers working for big business against everyday Americans.

This is the single biggest group of "Washington insiders" ever assembled, if not insurance industry or defense, all are directly aligned to the Republican Party and help formulate failed Bush policies.

Let's face the truth. There is only one reason all those uneducated white people are out yelling and screaming, guns left in their luggage on busses paid for by taxpayer money sucked in by the biggest pack of corporate thieves that ever bribed a congressman.

Its all about the "N" word. We are having a convention of Americans in love with the "N" word, people who use it every day, folks afraid of black people they don't know, people easy to scare.

Joe Wilson for Grand Wazoo: If the sheets fit ...

In case there was any remaining doubt about U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (KKK-S.C.) and his background, here's a tidbit from The Daily Beast. Before Wednesday night, Joe seemed to be someone who could pass as just your typical Southern Republican congressfool. But he may not be so typical.

The "You lie!" outburst was unprecedented, and there's no way it would have happened to a white president, however liberal.

This is the very first time on this blog that I have "played the race card." Sometimes one has to play the cards that are dealt, and I sure as hell didn't deal them.

I'm not going to go far into the accuracy of what Obama said, because it's virtually irrelevant. The crux of it appears to be that although the House version of the health care bill expressly forbids noncitizens from getting services under this measure, there's no explicit provision for enforcement by requiring proof of citizenship. That, of course, is something that could be added during the process. But no disagreement like this can possibly justify such blatant disrespect for the office of the presidency.

Throw shoes at Joe?

No, not at me. I'm talking about Joe Wilson. I challenge someone out there to throw a pair of shoes at Joe "You lie!" Wilson. There's no direct parallel, but it would be interesting to compare the U.S. reaction to such a thing with the one regarding Bush in Iraq.

The Obama school speech

In Arlington, Texas, school Superintendent Jerry McCullough apologized Friday for administrators' decision not to show Obama's speech to local schoolchildren live on Tuesday morning. There were many other districts that did the same, but Arlington's decision became national news when it was reported that 500 fifth-graders would be bused to a Sept. 21 event with former President George W. ("Il Doofus") Bush speaking at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

If the hypocrisy weren't clear already, it ought to be by now. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who have no problems with being hypocrites.

Or racists.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


dr sardonicus said...

Actually, it looks like middle-aged frat boys having a reunion.

Jack Jodell said...

It is easy to see that those teabaggers are hateful racists. To gauge from their reactions to the President over the past few months, you would think that Obama had pistol whipped them, taken all their money, raped their mothers and wives, was about ready to pounce on their daughters, AND was a Muslim communist Nazi to boot. These people are part of an insane hysteria of hatred, and there is no question about that.

You never hear an intelligent analysis or reasoned criticism of Obama's policy initiatives. Instead, you get an attack on him, his heritage, his wife, or his family.

You never get facts from these people. You only get hyperbole and outright lies.

The far right has always been a home for sullen, cynical, paranoid, delusional maniacs and bullies. But this current batch of teabaggers takes the cake. They rant and rave about how government and big corporations are screwing them, but they fight the government every step of the way as it tries to institute regulation and reform. They say they're for health care reform but they simultaneously fight it. They are much like the KKK in that they are wickedly intolerant and are based on hate of all who are not just like them.

But worst of all, most of this teabagger protest is financed and directed by far, far-right groups like Dick Armey's Freedom Works and the insurance industry and its lobbyists. They whip up elderly and ill-informed fools as evidence of the grassroots nature of their movement, but that, like all their other claims and charges, is a lie.

The teabaggers and shouting, immature little children at Town Hall meetings are the personnification of the truly corrupt nature of corporate America, and of her darkest and most unhealthily cynical side as well.

Cranky Daze said...

Hi Joe - I'm asking you to read my latest and final post on my blog. I'm closing it out, and since you've been a visitor and very kind, I want you to know why I'm doing this. I've posted the same on Marc's blog.

See you in the funny papers

Manifesto Joe said...

I urge folks to read Cranky Daze's final post. This is kind of shocking, but there are a lot of sick people out there.

I think the best description of the Tea Bag 9-12 demonstrators was from the blogger who calls himself "The Rude Pundit."

He described them as like the Special Olympics of protests. You wanted to give them a certificate of participation.

Reas Kroicowl said...

University of Phoenix was on the list. And The Limited!