Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just When It Seemed Safe Again To Admit That You're A Texan ...

By Manifesto Joe

... Rick "Governor Goodhair" Perry takes his buffoon rube act on the road yet again. This time, he threatened to invoke the 10th Amendment, pertaining to states' rights, to keep any national health care plan that might emerge from the Obama administration out of Texas.

You know the good old conservative/libertarian ideology: It's better to starve, fester and die homeless on your feet, than to get any sort of relief check and thank God and Congress on your knees.

Being interviewed Thursday by right-wing talk show host Mark Davis of WBAP-AM Radio in Dallas (The uniquely untalented Mr. Davis used to write a pathetic wingnut op-ed column for the Fort Worth newspaper; his minuscule "talents" are decidedly geared toward AM wingnut talk radio.), Perry said the president's health care plan would be "disastrous" for Texas. By the way, Texas has a frightening number of uninsured residents, many of whom are children and women of child-bearing age. The taxpayers end up paying for their ER bills anyway, as they generally end up in charity hospitals supported with public funds.

So, Governor Goodhair is going to defend us Texans against those godless socialists with their health care plans, the same way he's been defending thousands of jobless Texans from getting extensions on their unemployment benefits with federal money. (He's been refusing it.)

It's so good to know that the governor is so concerned about the long-term interests of Texans, even as so many face foreclosures from being jobless and/or unable to afford mounting medical bills. Changes in the law during the Bush era have made bankruptcy a very unattractive proposition, but many people now have no choice but to limp down that road.

By the way, here's a link to the story about Perry's latest redneck grandstanding.

There are some people who would perversely describe Perry's recent rhetoric as "populist." That would describe it accurately if "populism" is the art of putting it to the people in the posterior and then distracting them such that they don't know where the reaming is coming from.

Texas has a long and sad history of this sort of "populism," which is ultimately a manipulative, chauvinistic anti-populism. Our officeholders have typically been servile to the rich, especially oil and gas money, while our poor have had to endure all manner of regressive taxation, such as sales taxes, and various user fees. We've rarely had real populists in control, even when our "Blue-Dog Democrats" have been in power.

Perry himself isn't shocking, because as long as I can remember, we've mostly seen the likes of him in high office in these parts. It's just disappointing that, after all these years, ol' Bubba out there still hasn't quite figured out who made his butt feel so sore the next morning. A hint: It wasn't Barack Obama.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Marc McDonald said...

Is Perry aware that Obama was sent to Washington by the American voters who have long told pollsters that they demand health care reform? Is Perry aware that Obama received the votes of 69.4 million voters, or 52.9 percent of the total?
By the way, Perry only got 39 percent of the vote in the 2006 election. This Nazi asswipe does NOT speak for me.
And if the Obama plan includes a public option, Perry is NOT going to stop me from signing up for it, if I choose to do so.

Jack Jodell said...

I say, let's bring on the so-called socialized medicine and bring it on NOW, and let it's first patient be Gov. Goodhair---in a mental institution, where insane blowhards like he belong.

R Southern said...

Can you sue a Texas governor for being an asswipe? God, I hope so!