Thursday, May 21, 2009

Governor Goodhair Aide's 'Whorehouse' Remark Is Insulting To Whores

By Manifesto Joe

As Jerry Jeff Walker sang -- "When I get screwed, I like to be kissed." Following is our connection: David Carney, a consultant for Gov. "Goodhair" Rick Perry of Texas, warned against turning the Republican Party into a "whorehouse" with the aim of casting a wider tent for voters. Here's a link to an Associated Press story.

This raised the ire of proper Republican women across the Lone Star State. But another group should be equally pissed: practicing whores.

I confess that, despite macho posturing among fellow Texas men, I passed on any and all opportunities with those practicing the oldest profession, and therefore have no firsthand experience. But I have heard this on good authority: Good ones, the real pros, will kiss you first.

Not so with Republicans. And this remark by Perry's strategist is actually a bigger insult to a group seldom quoted by the mainstream media.

The Iraq war, tax breaks for the rich, overseas tax havens for corporations, Enron, the subprime mortgage debacle, abuse of credit card holders, assaults on civil rights and liberties, incentives for polluters and corporations that export jobs, neglect of returning veterans, whittling away at Medicare and Medicaid ... I never got kissed before any of those mind-boggling travesties.

So, it seems like a worse insult to those hardworking women who are, well, honest enough to be hookers out in the open. They are at least above-board, and I doubt that they would put you at risk for diseases much worse than the ones Republicans have already inflicted upon us.

The standard political response to all this, of course, is that "Governor Goodhair" is in trouble yet again, not long after his infamous secession remark. And this gives plenty of cannon fodder to U.S. Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison, a "moderate" Republican who is almost certain to be his challenger in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.

But I'm honestly concerned about the aspersions cast herein upon the hardworking crack whores of our mean streets. They're a skanky bunch, to be sure. But, to even suggest that the current stalwarts of the Republican Party, especially in this state that spawned the likes of Il Doofus, are a lot better than them? Well, it's a "stretch." (No double-entendre intended -- really!)

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Anonymous said...

David Vitter (R-La.) ought to know a thing or three about prostitutes. Why is this man still in Congress? (still preaching "family values," no less). Republicans have no sense of irony (or shame, for that matter).

Jack Jodell said...

Gov. Goodhair is a disgrace to all honest, hardworking people throughout the country and a traitor as well. His talk of secession is absolute hogwash. I will never understand Texas politics. How can a state allow people as vile as George W. Bush, Tom DeLay, John Cornyn, and Rick Perry to become elected to public office?

Burr Deming said...

I'm a Democrat in Missouri. If Texas Republicans feel compelled to compare each other to garden utensils, I suppose I should not object.

Thanks for the observation.

Jack Jodell said...

Side note, MJ: I just learned that the DCCC is targeting another wackoid Repub for annilihation next year, namely that idiot Michele Bachmann. They've even started a new website featuring her insane statements and video clips. For a good laugh, frequent They do a great job of tearing her down point by point.

Anonymous said...

F*ck all you Liberal scum! You make me sick. You're are ruining our country.
Libs are the best friend Al-queda could ever have.

Manifesto Joe said...

I normally don't publish comments like the previous one, those with no redeeming social values. But it vividly illustrates the sort of semiliterate right-wing pond scum who populate our part of the planet. This fool doesn't even know how to spell al Qaeda (that's just one accepted variation among two or three).