Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Worse Than I Thought: Inside Sarah Palin's Real Church, And This Is No Joke

In my previous post, I was making sport of Sarah Palin's holy-roller roots with the snake-handling images and such. But as details emerge, the real picture isn't funny at all. It's downright frightening. The Pentecostal church she belonged to, and basically grew up in, is linked to the "Third Wave" movement that has long been condemned by even the main line of Assemblies of God as heretical.

This was posted on YouTube by bruceewilson:

And, here's a link for more on the subject. -- MJ

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Marc McDonald said...

I attended "charismatic" evangelical churches a number of times as a teen. I found a lot of these people to be good, sincere, decent folks.
But this was before the evangelicals embraced the Republican party. Back when I was attending, people weren't really outspoken in their political beliefs. I saw a gentler, less judgmental form of faith back in those days.
These days, of course, the GOP courts the evangelicals (and the latter are too naive to see that the GOP are cynically manipulating them).