Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yeah, Joe Biden Is A Garulous Hack, But Obama Made A Pragmatic Choice For A Vice Presidential Running Mate

By Manifesto Joe

Yeah, I know -- it's been leaked that Obama's VP pick is Joe Biden. To be more formal, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., D-Delaware -- one of those guys who seems to be on an A-Plus-Steroids List for appearances on the Sunday-morning talking-heads shows. He of interminable speeches. The ultimate establishment Democrat.

But I would dare argue that Biden is pretty much what Obama needs. Obama is going to be attacked ruthlessly on a number of fronts: Two of them will be general experience, and foreign policy experience. Whatever drawbacks there are to Biden, he unquestionably brings both qualifications to the table.

Barack Obama can't get elected president being Don Quixote, and he doesn't need Sancho Panza as a running mate. Biden has some baggage, but Sancho Panza, he's not.

Here's the AP report.

If there was ever a time when Americans who really care about their future are going to rally behind a ticket -- it's now. Joe for Veep -- I'll even put up with the endless speeches.

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Marc McDonald said...

Biden has a personal stake in this election: in October, one of his sons is being deployed to Iraq.
Clearly, Biden isn't one of those who would agree with McCain's crazy idea of staying in Iraq for 100 years.
If the Obama/Biden ticket doesn't succeed in November, I've got a feeling Biden's son will still serve honorably in Iraq.
That's more than can be said for the Bush daughters.

dr sardonicus said...

Agreed, coulda been worse.

Obama's got this problem: he fears the moderate voters he's courting view him as too liberal, while many staunch progressives don't think he's liberal enough.