Saturday, August 9, 2008

Turd Blossom Special: Courtesy Of Harry Shearer And Blogger Cranky Daze

Here's a link to a recently released music video by comic genius Harry Shearer, called Turd Blossom Special. Bet you can't guess whom it's about. And I highly recommend Cranky's blog, which is on my link list. -- MJ


Marc McDonald said...

Yes, this is a good video.
I remember the video where Rove was rapping. What's scary is that the Washington press corp seemed to enjoy it (even as these morons sat silently through Stephen Colbert's masterful skewering of Bush at the White House correspondents' dinner).

Cranky Daze said...

Thank you, Joe. That was very nice of you. So nice, in fact, that I promise never again to make fun of Texas. ;-)

Manifesto Joe said...

Hey, but I'll go on making fun of Texas, if you don't mind too much. Takes one to know one.