Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Evidence U.S. Media Are In Stunning Decadence: The Bigfoot Scam

By Manifesto Joe

Looks like a couple of Billy Carter types from Georgia (that's our Georgia, pronounced Jaw-juh) pulled off an embarrassing hustle on American news media. The frozen "Bigfoot" body, of which the ballcap-clad rubes were showing photos, turned out to be a rubber/fake-hair Halloween costume.

Those hayseeds certainly got a lot of publicity out of this, and I'd say it teaches an important lesson.

Think for a moment about how moronic this was. We're in a presidential election year; we're watching an international crisis between nuclear-armed Russia and neighboring Georgia (that's their Georgia, pronounced the proper way); the U.S. economy is in a slow but steady meltdown; evidence of global environmental crisis looms everywhere; we have a rogue government that is chopping, not whittling, away at privacy and civil liberties; and Americans are losing their homes at a record pace.

And yet, these two scheming shitkickers can command lead-story attention from major news media across the country?

Paris Hilton, where are you when you're needed? Brangelina, I think your twins are just totally awesome, the cutest. Nancy Grace, please spew more bile in my direction! The bogus Bigfoot is now definitely yesterday's news ... until the MSM do the lemming act yet again over the next little manufactured enthusiasm.

A dictionary definition of decadence, in terms of culture, is the complete triumph of style over substance. I thought we in America had already seen that 30 years ago. Shockingly, in the Age of Il Doofus, it can indeed get worse. And it is.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Cranky Daze said...

Aside from the idiocy of the MSM giving this story any air time or print space, it boggles the mind to hear that some "scientist" actually bought a freezer with a monkey suit in it and had DNA testing done on it, only to find out the "fur" was a combination of plastic and possum hair. There really is one born every minute, isn't there?

And I hear the two men who perpetrated the hoax have disappeared with "an undisclosed sum of money." In doing that, I presume they have turned what might have been passed off as a joke, into a chargeable offense.

Marc McDonald said...

Aren't there any attractive blonde white women out there in peril that the MSM could latch onto and do hundreds of hours of in-depth 24/7 coverage these days?
(Oh, and Valerie Plame, you don't count. The MSM was never much interested in your story. They ignored it for months and then finally gave it modest coverage that was quickly over before you could blink. I mean, when the White House treasonously outs a covert CIA agent during time of war, placing the lives of dozens of other agents in the field in jeopardy, it's just not that big a story, right?)