Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There Will Be No Florida Revote

This came in Monday, and it seems official enough. It creates more chaos in a space where more order is desperately needed. Here's the Florida Democratic Party speaking:

The situation was already bad. This is something recent from YouTube, posted by TPMtv:

Do you want John McCain to be our next president?

If not, then we Democrats need to do everything we can to mend all this ugliness, and quickly. I plead for reconciliation, and soon. -- MJ

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Anonymous said...

Things are looking grim for the Dems at this point. And that's not even including what I would called the "X factor"---something that hasn't been discussed much yet. The fact is, GOP allies have a war chest of over $250 million that they are planning to use for 527 group ads.
$250 million can buy a lot of Swift-boating-type smear campaigns. By the time they get through with Obama, tens of millions of voters will be convinced he is a radical Muslim who is a puppet of Al Qaeda. It's going to get ugly in the months ahead.