Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One More Reason To Be Very Afraid Of A McCain Presidency: John Hagee

John McCain used to be admired by some people to the left of him politically for his seeming recognition of how dangerous the Religious Right is. But now that the presidency is within McCain's reach, he is shamelessly sucking up to Kook Right televangelist John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas, the man who is helping with the "awakening" of the "Christian Zionist movement."

Journalism legend and fellow Texan Bill Moyers, on this video, takes a look at the extremist element McCain is now pandering to.

If McCain is elected, the world can kiss any real Mideast peace process goodbye for yet another four years. -- MJ

Postscript: This isn't the first video I put here. I appear to have been sabotaged -- well, in some way. We'll see if it was more than just coincidence.


dr sardonicus said...

This is why all the Clinton/Obama squabbling is irrelevant. They both have flaws - lots of 'em - but either is far preferable to "100 Years" McCain. I hope the Clinton and Obama partisans can recognize this, put their differences behind them after the convention, and take on the real threat to America's political stability.

Anonymous said...

You are right Doc, but it won't be easy. Have you been watching what Hillary has been up to? I'm just hoping things work out like they obviously appear to be working out.

Marc McDonald said...

McCain has gotten a complete pass from the media on the right-wing Nazi nutcase Hagee. Indeed, McCain has said he's proud of Hagee's support. I'm sure a lot of GOP Catholics are likely unaware that Hagee called Catholicism a "whore" religion (amongst his other hate speech comments).
Meanwhile the same media that gives McCain a free pass on Hagee has spent day after day slamming Obama over Wright (even though Obama has condemned Wright's remarks). Fox News and HateWing radio have bitterly attacked Obama day after day on this and even the MSM has spent enormous time on it.
It's the same sort of double-standard that resulted in Bush getting a free pass on everything, while Bill Clinton was impeached over lying about a blowjob.
And it leads to me to believe that the biggest problem in America today is NOT the GOP; it's the MSM.