Friday, January 4, 2008

Despite 4% In Iowa, Giuliani Will Continue Dance Of The Living Dead

By Manifesto Joe

I stayed tuned to CNN so that I could see how Rudy Giuliani reacted to getting only 4% of the GOP caucus voters in Iowa, trailing Ron Paul's cult following of 10%. Rudy was "interviewed" by CNN Cadaver-At-Large Larry King. I don't think I've ever seen even the late Larry soft-pedal anything so much.

Little was said about the horrendous showing, and Giuliani talked about having moved on to New Hampshire and Florida and the like, in search of more fertile ground. In national polls, one could argue, Rudy still seems a bit viable, at 13% in the latest Rasmussen Reports numbers.

But the momentum is clearly against him now. He seems resolved to linger among the undead, when others will not. But I think he needs to realize that he's history.

As the old song goes, I've been wrong before. But Rudy's showing Thursday was far worse than anyone anticipated. When a kooky fringe candidate like Ron Paul can leave Rudy in the dust that way in a state known for folks who like sensible shoes, it's meaningful.

It did not escape my notice that Rudy got an endorsement not long ago from the "leader" of my home state, Rick "Governor Goodhair" Perry. I am at a loss to explain that development, unless Governor Goodhair has got it in his vapid head that hehisownself might be vice presidential timber. I'd say he hitched his wagon to a losing horse.

Rudy would have had a chance for the nomination in the Republican Party of yore, but I can't see that possibility in the current one. Much was made of the factor of evangelical Christians in Mike Huckabee's Iowa win. I'm not sure if people from inside the Beltway understand that Iowa really isn't unique that way. They should read the Texas Republican Party platforms from the past two presidential election cycles -- these are people who would frown upon the liberalism of Pentecostals.

I'm going out on a limb predicting this, but I feel some confidence. Giuliani is finished. And, when he actually admits it, it will be good riddance to a highly opportunistic politician.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.


Cranky Daze said...

That's a pretty solid limb you've perched yourself on, Joe. You probably won't find many who will disagree with your assessment of Rudy-for-Prez.

I was a little surprised to hear that 60% of the Republicans who came out to vote last night described themselves as Evangelicals. If I had thought about it (which I don't recall doing) I wouldn't have expected it to be that high.

But I would agree that Iowa can't compete with the religious zealots in some of the other states, especially in what they call the Bible Belt, and I would expect Huckabee to do well in those states also.

I heard one time that when Iowa's Guv Vilsack (sp?) dropped out of the race, there was some expectation that Hillary would select him as her VP. I'm guessing that after last night this is a dead issue...if in fact it ever actually lived. I heard her on TV this morning talking about all the support she has in New Hampshire, and it sounded to me like the unspoken trailer was "unlike those traitors in Ioway."

T. Gray said...

Well, the best result of Iowa for me has been the destruction of the Clinton inevitabilty meme. It is not that I want her to lose so much as I am so sick of having her stuffed down my throat by the MSM.

I am glad, glad, glad, that Edwards beat her out for second place, but I would have been glader still if Edwards had come in first with Hillary as second.

Obama is just too glossy for my taste and I have never caught a good sense of where he really stands on anything.

But, on the whole, I'm happy with the outcome on the democratic side. On the other side, well,Huckabee just gives me the willies.

Manifesto Joe said...

Thanks for stopping in, you all. If you don't mind me tooting my horn a bit, this piece got picked up, from a team blog that I am in, by USA Today and Reuters online. I've been blogging on other people's sites for going on three years, but I've had my own for only about 10 months, so this was exciting news.

I am leaning toward Edwards, t.gray, but am trying to keep an open mind about the other two viable Dems. We'll see, I guess, how Hillary reacts, and if Obama's head swells too much.

I watched Huckabee's victory speech. He had Chuck Norris right behind him, very much in camera range, grinning and mugging. They be ready to kick ass for Christ.

T. Gray said...

Congrats, MF, for hitting the big time.