Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Manifesto Joe's Great Moments In Conservative History, Chapter 5: Sins Of The Grandfather

By Manifesto Joe

This isn't news, but it never hurts to remind progressive blog readers now and then about how the Bush political "dynasty" was built on trashy, crypto-fascist blood money.

Here's one link about old granddad Prescott Bush's business dealings with Nazi Germany.

Here's another about his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow FDR.

And here's yet another on the would-be coup.

When I brought some of these things to the attention of a right-wing friend (now an ex-friend) several years ago, he replied something to the effect that one cannot hold the present-day person responsible for the sins of the fathers, or grandfathers.

Days earlier, I had heard this same person trashing Ted Kennedy by referring to Joe Kennedy Sr.'s alleged connections to bootlegging, his practice of what is now considered insider trading, and his anti-Semitism.

When you wake up in a new world every day, I suppose you don't have to worry about such contradictions. You just turn on the radio and absorb the Rush talking points.

Anyway, I don't hold George W. responsible for anything his granddad did, or may have done. Il Doofus has done plenty on his own that his grandkids will have to live down.

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Marc McDonald said...

If he were around today, I wonder what Prescott would think of George W. Bush's ridiculous fake Texas drawl.

I found it amusing the other day when the Chimp gave a press conference and briefly lost his temper when one of the White House stenographers dared to ask a real question for a change.

Briefly, Bush lost his "Texas" accent and starting talking in a blue-blood Connecticut Country-Club accent (the way he really talks behind closed doors). He then realized what he was doing and reverted back to his "Texas" drawl.

cwilcox said...

I wouldn't hold one accountable for his grandfathers sins either but it says a lot about the character of the man now in the White House. Bush fans are always quick to point out how kids in inner cities need to pick themselves up by the boot straps and rise above their upbringing. It looks like they don't hold the blue bloods to the same standard. I know that the character of my grandfather has a lot to do with the man I am today. Some of the best things I drew from him. I only wish I could be more like him. It would seem GW has a similar affinity for the character of his grandfather.

Cranky Daze said...

Of course Junior isn't responsible for the things his grandfather did, but there's no question that parents hand down to their children their own attitudes, morals, honesty and integrity, or lack thereof.

One thing that comes across loud and clear from Dubya is that he believes the rules are meant for the commoners, and the poor-folk, but not for him or his friends.

I think he has absorbed what seems to be a Bush philosophy that money and power are everything, and that it's all right to get it any way you can, no matter how much damage they do to others in the process.