Monday, September 3, 2007

Katrina, Anniversary 2: The Worst Damage May Have Been Done After

I keep getting madder every time I see something like this. Not only did they let this city be destroyed, they have stood back and permitted the survivors to die slowly. If there is a Hell, I hope there will be a special place in it for certain people. -- MJ

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Len Hart said...

That video is a red flag that should be waved to rally a revolutionary force to man the barricades and TAKE THIS COUNTRY back. Bush is not merely a lying goddamned SOB, he is the worst threat to western civilization since Adolf Hitler and Stalin. He is a mass murderer who should be tried for the capital crimes for which there is enough evidence to convict in the PUBLIC record. His administration has been an utter disaster, the worst in American history. The GOP criminal conspiracy should be tried under RICO statutes, found guilty, and put the fuck away forever. Enough of this shit is enough! Down with the GOP!