Tuesday, September 11, 2007

General Petraeus' Not-So-Funny Math

A full-page ad that appeared in Monday's New York Times, placed by MoveOn.org, offers a concise look at how Gen. David Petraeus distorted the facts about conditions in Iraq since the "surge" began.

Here's the link. This also gives more detailed evidence to support the ad.

-- MJ


Cranky Daze said...

I sort of think this was predictable, Joe. Petraeus made a point (rather unusual when you think about it)of reassuring the public that he had written his own report....suggesting, of course, that it was completely independent of any White House influence. And we believe that, right?

Manifesto Joe said...

There were also people who thought the rhetorical approach of the MoveOn.org people was very stupid, because the right wing was given a clear field to jump all over it ("they called this brave man a traitor!") and so on. But, I'm glad that at least somebody is keeping score.

cwilcox said...

The irony of the swift boaters calling MoveOn.org radical makes me want to vomit. If we don't kick their ass (electorially speaking) I will freak!

Marc McDonald said...

>>> If we don't kick their ass
>>> (electorially speaking) I will
>>> freak!

Sorry, Red Hog, I'm afraid you're going to have to freak.
I will go on record here as predicting that the Dems will not win the White House in 2008 (and may well not win the Congress, either).
Well, actually, they'll win...but the GOP will steal the election.
I base this prediction on 5 factors:
1. Our nation's election system is broken, as has been documented by Greg Palast.
2. The GOP will not hesitate to resort to dirty tricks. Investigative writer Mark Crispin Miller has documented the amazingly corrupt and dirty tricks that the GOP specializes in to steal votes.
3. We can expect Hillary (or whoever gets the Dem nomination) to be the victim of a horrific smear campaign that'll make the SwiftBoaters look like girl scouts. What's worse, the corporate MSM will dignify the Drudge crowd's smears.
4. Speaking of which, the Hsu/Clinton case shows that the MSM is awakening from its 8-year slumber and is now ready to take on its traditional role of holding Dem politicians' feet to the fire.
5. A GOP-backed ballot in California will likely ensure that the GOP gets 20 Calif. electoral votes in '08 (instead of the Dems getting all the Calif. electoral votes). That alone will be enough to allow the GOP to retain the White House.