Saturday, June 9, 2007

Republicans: Grow Up, But If You Can't Do That, Learn How To Throw A Decent Punch

Aside from the intrinsic stupidity of this, it's quite sad that such a decaying old man even tried to sucker-punch another old man in the Alabama Senate. But he didn't even do a halfway decent job. Even with a surprise blow, he connected somewhere around the upper neck, and without much effect. Hey, macho right-wingers: If you fancy yourselves badasses, at least get into shape and try to do it right! And, it might be more honorable to actually challenge your adversary to a refereed session in the nearest gym. But, y'all don't seem to have that much class.
Just for the record, that was state Sen. Charles Bishop, a Republican, trying to punch out Sen. Lowell Barron, a Democrat. Barron refused to comment and went into a closed-door meeting with other Democrats. Sen. Vivian Figures went into the meeting carrying first aid supplies, but she said he was not hurt.


Marc McDonald said...

One thing that surprised me with this story was that it turns out the GOP are the minority party in the Alabama state senate. Hmmm, I thought Alabama was a rock-solid, red-as-they-get Red State.
Oh, by the way, every job I've ever worked at in my life: if you throw a punch at someone, you're out the door. Why does this Repuke thug still have a job?

Manifesto Joe said...

He was elected to represent a district. Sadly, he probably represents quite a few people there.