Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Manifesto Joe's Great Moments In Conservative History, Chapter 3: John Ashcroft Sings "Let The Eagle Soar"

Dig that crazy vibrato!

And, that arty thing that the camera person was doing with Old Glory! It's amazing what the lack of focus can do.

From a comment I recently left on Blue Girl, Red State (see links): One nasty, nightmarish memory: John Ashcroft, I think, recorded, and at times was called upon to sing in a stilted vocal, a ditty called "Let the Eagle Soar." It was an original composition. I recall enduring it once on TV. The 1930s versions of Guy Lombardo or Lawrence Welk wouldn't have included this. It was cheesy enough, and square enough, to have monopolized rural Wisconsin for a couple of centuries. His damage upon our culture was almost as serious as it was upon our government.

I didn't know when I left the comment that I could get the video!


--Blue Girl said...

John Ashcroft - I'm just so proud to be from Missouri when his name comes up...(rolling eyes so hard it hurts).

And this guy is coming off better than anyone else this malAdministration has ever had on the team roster.

Is it January 2009 yet?

Cranky Daze said...

Actually, I thought he did much better after he got up into the higher notes. And I have to confess, I voted for him on the Keithies, and as I recall, he came in second. I could barely hear Clinton, and poor Dennis Kucinich. HE needs to hang onto his day job.

By the way, Joe...I completely missed your comment over on my blog, on the post about capital punishment. I just found it this afternoon, and have responded to it.

Len Hart said...

The best part of any song by John Ashcroft is the last note. The silence following is even sweeter.