Saturday, March 3, 2007

Manifesto Joe starts doing his own thing

A message to readers of the site This is Manifesto Joe, an underground writer living in Texas. I was, for over a year, a regular contributor to Marc McDonald's blog. I have decided, since my last post on his blog in November, to launch a blog of my own.

What to expect? This will be a progressive site, but don't expect political correctness or slavish adherence to any party line. I consider it a matter of principle to think independently, even if it puts me at odds with whatever the kneejerk left is saying at the moment.

But don't expect me to express any sympathy for fundamentalist cretins, trust-fund fools, corporate dough-faces, or other such vermin on this blog. I don't regard myself as a "liberal"; that is a word that, in many parts of the world, does not represent my view. I am a progressive and a populist in a traditional American sense, which means that I embrace a more enlightened kind of self-interest. The fatcats think of us, the common slobs, in terms of divide and conquer. If they can get us atomized, working against each other rather than cooperating, forming unions, etc., they win every battle. It's time to turn the tide and win the war.

More later. This is just an opening post.

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